NXT Takeover: Unstoppable Recap And Results: Samoa Joe Debuts During Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

Even with their champion appearing at Elimination Chamber in one week, NXT put on their next live special with Takeover: Unstoppable. Kevin Owens will be on the big stage in a week, but he still had to face off with Sami Zayn for the NXT Title. Lots to be decided, and did Samoa Joe show up, as rumors have stated? Find out everything and all the results in the full recap below.

nxt unstoppable title match

Kevin Owens comes out with a John Cena shirt on, and the match is just fantastic from start to finish. At one point, Owens catches Sami Zayn with a pop-up powerbomb into the apron. Owens continues to beat on him and throws him into the ring until William Regal runs down.

Regal hits Owens in the eyes and Owens attacks. He clears the ring of medics and refs until horns blast into the area. Samoa joe arrives! The crowd chants “Joe is gonna kill you” as Owens backs off when Joe gets in his face.

More chants arrive as Owens backs off and mouths “not tonight,” as Samoa Joe stands tall while refs check on Zayn.

Winner and Still Champ: Kevin Owens

nxt unstoppable women's title

Sasha Banks comes out in full-on Chandra Nalaar character costume from MTG, and it’s awesome. The match is back and forth throughout and, at one point, Lynch dead-lifts Banks into the air and breaks it with a power slam that was just insane.

Near the end, Banks suicide dives through the ropes onto Lynch outside, but Lynch catches her and slams her into the steps. Back inside, she gets a cross face and makes her tap out.

Winner and Still Champ: Sasha Banks

nxt unstoppable tag titles

For almost the entire match, Enzo is beaten down by the champs. Then, Cass finally gets in and is a house of fire until Alexa Bliss comes out and takes out Carmella. Cass heads out to go after her, but gets caught with a superkick from Murphy.

Bliss then crotches Enzo and Blake gets the pin to retain the titles. Good match, but quite short.

Winners and Still Champs: Blake & Murphy

nxt unstoppable corbin rhyno

At the start, it’s a full-on brawl as both guys batter each other. They are wailing on one another with power moves and huge fists. Baron Corbin begins to own Rhyno as things slow down. Both men hit huge spine busters, but Corbin gets out of the Gore with a giant lariat. He hits End of Days and that’s it.

Winner: Baron Corbin

nxt unstoppable divas tag

Charlotte immediately takes control of Dana Brooke before Bayley takes over. Emma and Dana take control for a while before the faces come back. In the end, Bayley hits Dana with the Bayley-To-Belly Suplex before Charlotte nails Emma with the Natural Selection for the pin.

Winners: Charlotte & Bayley

nxt unstoppable three-way

As known, Hideo Itami suffered an injury recently that will have him out of action for a long period of time. Before Unstoppable, he was officially written out of action, as WrestleZone reported he was “taken out” by Kevin Owens.

The No. 1 contender’s match was then made into a singles match between Tyler Breeze and the “Demon” Finn Balor. Fantastic opener with big spots and a hot crowd. Either man could have won this one.

The finish came when Balor left the ring and climbed a lighting structure. He dove off it and took out Breeze. Back in the ring, Balor hits the double foot-stomp for the win.

Winner: Finn Balor

[Images via WWE]