‘The Witcher 3’ PC: GOG Proposes Fix To Crashing Issues

Yesterday, the Inquisitr reported on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt crashing for many PC players. Many players were reporting crashing to desktop while playing The Witcher 3, and it seemed centralized on Nvidia users especially. Most Witcher 3 players were reporting issues when they would access the inventory screen or the bestiary, while others simply could not get The Witcher 3 to run for more than five to ten minutes at a time.

CDPR released an article detailing some of the fixes they propose to make your Witcher 3 time crash-free.

Toy With Display Modes

The Witcher 3 is set to default to “windowed borderless,” per CDPR, but the Witcher 3 developer is suggesting that players toy around with the three different display modes and determine which is more stable. If you are using Nvidia’s Downsample resolution, note that in “windowed” or “windowed borderless,” The Witcher will revert back to your monitor’s native resolution. However, sacrificing those extra pixels versus being able to play the game might be a trade-off until CDPR can patch The Witcher 3.

Only Use One Monitor

If you’re a gamer with a high-powered rig, chances are you might be running multiple monitors. Well, according to CDPR, The Witcher 3 and multi-monitor set ups don’t exactly play nice at the moment. This might be tied to just setups that have two monitors with different refresh rates, but CDPR is suggesting that players with multi-monitor rigs to simply unplug all but the main display.

Update Drivers (Manually)

Nvidia has put out the first actual graphics card driver for The Witcher 3 (as of publish time), though some players are actually suggesting that Nvidia users roll back one driver. CDPR is suggesting the opposite, rather — that players use the most up-to-date, non beta drivers (Nvidia/AMD) in order to play The Witcher 3. They also suggest against simply auto-detecting drivers, but manually searching for the driver tailored to your specific graphics card and installing it that way. Make sure to restart your rig, even if your PC doesn’t prompt you to do so.

Disable GeForce Experience

For Nvidia users, the GeForce Experience suite of tools are a powerful way to tweak optimal settings, launch Shadowplay, or gamestream to another Nvidia device. However, for The Witcher 3, this may cause some instability issues to happen in the background. CDPR recommends for the time being to disable Geforce Experience completely until The Witcher 3 can be patched again. If you’re streaming or capturing gameplay, you may look at dusting off the capture card or using a third-party tool until you can use Shadowplay with The Witcher 3 again.

Have you found a fix for your Witcher 3 issues? Let others know if the above works in the comments below!

[Image via The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt]