President Obama Visits Korean Dimilitarized Zone

OBSERVATION POST OUELLETTE, South Korea — Amidst a backdrop of more than 1 million land mines and razor wire, President Obama visited the tense area between North and South Korea today. The Commander in Chief addressed the troops stationed there calling them the protectors of “freedom’s frontier”

Standing behind bullet proof glass Obama used binoculars to stare into the North Korea. North Korea and South Korea still technically are in state of war as the Korean War ended in an Armistice and not a peace treaty.

Most are taking this visit as a show of force, as the United States will not permit the North to continue down a nuclear path and threaten South Korea, a staunch ally. Obama is in Seoul, South Korea to attend a gathering of world leaders who are committed to nuclear security. North Korea will not be attending.

The United States reached a deal with the North Koreans last month to send tons of food aid to the North in exchange for a halt to their nuclear and long range missile tests. The North announced a few weeks ago that next week they will be testing a long range rocket and the United States is threatening to withhold the food aid.

“I could not be prouder of what you’re doing. there’s something about this spot in particular. You guys are … at freedom’s frontier. When you think about the transformation that has taken place in South Korea during my lifetime, it is directly attributable to this long line of soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen who were willing to create the space and the opportunity for freedom and prosperity,”

The United States has more than 28,000 troops in South Korea.

Do you think the United states should withhold food aid over the planned North Korean Rocket launch?