Bethenny Frankel Confronts Step-Father On ‘RHONY’

Bethenny Frankel shared a major milestone with her Bravo fans last night. As Radar Online reported on May 20, Bethenny Frankel met with her step-father, John Parisella, on the latest episode of Real Housewives of New York City after not speaking to him for over 25 years.

Bethenny Frankel’s step-father began dating her mother, Bernadette Birk, when she was four-years-old and, according to Frankel, raised her. Although Frankel had shut him out many years ago after what she said were past “mistakes” both as an adult and as a parent, she admitted to a friend that he was the best parent she had. Then, while in Miami for a girls’ weekend, Bethenny Frankel reconnected with her step-father, but first, she rehashed the “gritty details” of her traumatic childhood with a friend.

“When I went with my mom in her new husband’s car to pick up stuff at the house, he like attacked me,” Bethenny Frankel said of an incident that happened when she was 19.

During her meeting with her father, Bethenny Frankel told Parisella, “We never lived in the same place two years in a row — I was going to nightclubs at 14. We had this real nice melting pot of my mother trying to commit suicide in the kitchen in front of me.”

“We had abuse, we had alcohol, we had gambling. What mother would ever do that to their child?”

In response, as the Inquisitr previously reported, Parisella told Bethenny Frankel, “You have to understand, she never wanted a child.”

“She never wanted a child? Excellent. That was evident.”

In a Bravo clip, Bethenny Frankel took jabs at both her mother, and step-father Parisella.

“We got in the car and you told us we had to move from that apartment because the mafia was after us and we had a gun in the glove department. I saw a gun at 5!”

Bethenny Frankel went on to explain that her traumatic childhood has led to adult issues in her dating life.

“It’s hard for me to have s– with a man and trust a man, because I would watch my mother get the s— beat out of her and get dragged down the hallway and call the cops the next day.”

Despite their issues, Frankel later told Parisella, “You’re the only father I’ve ever had and I’m not angry. You did the best that you could.”

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