Calvin Harris And Taylor Swift Confirmed: Love And Musical Inspiration

Calvin Harris, the super-successful singer and DJ famed for hits like “Feel So Close,” seemed to confirm rumors that he and Taylor Swift were a romantic item when he showed up to the 2015 Billboard Music Awards as the “Shake It Off” singer’s date.

Then the two celebrities put all questions to rest when a photo booth shot taken at Swift’s afterparty clearly showed the two kissing, and it seemed confirmed: Swift, whose rocky romantic life has been a source of speculation and punchlines for years (punchlines Swift herself has included in her song lyrics) seems to have become Harris’ newest love interest.

Going for It

Independent reported that a music industry insider who wished to remain anonymous had a lot to say about Swift’s relationship with Calvin Harris.

“Taylor’s going for it. She’s been off the dating scene for so long, she’s gone ‘Calvin crazy’ since they started seeing each other.”

Calvin Harris famously broke up in an ugly and public way with previous girlfriend Rita Ora. Rumor has it Swift hesitated to get too close to Harris for fear of causing a public rift, but found Harris and his Scottish accent too adorable to resist. Their appearance at the Billboard Awards confirmed the stories that the two started seeing each other a few months ago.

Mutual Muses

Even more interesting, it seems the newly-minted musical power couple of Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift (Caylor? Talvin?) are more than just romantic interests, but they are also quickly inspiring each other musically.

The same source that confirmed the romance also spoke of their musical collaborations – and the chances that we may hear them quite soon.

“[They are] really stimulated by their unique approaches to songwriting. They’re slowly becoming each other’s muses.”

The Mirror noted that the same source spoke of the duo’s musical approach to love. Apparently one of their early dates involved Calvin Harris taking to the piano in Swift’s mansion, with Taylor quickly breaking out her guitar for an impromptu duet.

The inside source went on to speak of Calvin Harris and Swift’s collaborations being a source of fun and inspiration for them both.

“They often end up in fits of laughter, but they’ve come up with some very interesting melodies and lyrics and she wants to record some of them.”

All the Drama

Of course, both Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have a lot of relationship baggage. Aside from Harris’ ex Ora, Swift has been linked to music heavyweights John Mayer and One Direction’s Harry Styles. Their former relationships make industry events such as the Billboard Awards a bit awkward for the new couple, who reportedly must work to avoid running into their former lovers.

Still, that didn’t stop them from sharing a very long and seemingly passionate embrace when Taylor won the Billboard Award for Best Album, sending Twitter into a frenzy.

[Photos By Stephen Lovekin and Ben A. Pruchnie / Getty Images]