Sweet 16 Party Interrupted By Falling, Stinky Present From Passing Airplane

A Sweet 16 birthday soiree was rudely interrupted by arguably the most unwanted guest of all time after a passing plane dumped sewage over the party.

Jacinda Cambray and her family and friends were enjoying a lovely evening and celebration of her turning 16 in Levittown, Pennsylvania when the stinky and horrifying incident unfolded and brought their entire event to a grinding halt.

Jacinda’s step-father, Joe Cambray, told My Fox Philly how the scenario played out. Joe explained that around 40 people were in attendance when they noticed that a gentle rain had begun to fall. But as they were playing horseshoes, swimming, and generally galavanting in the backyard, a light shower of rain wasn’t going to interrupt their fun.

The only issue was that it wasn’t actually rain. As Joe horrifyingly explained, “Out of nowhere, from the sky, comes a bunch of feces, lands on her.” Fortunately, a recently erected canopy took the brunt of the poop, while Joe admitted that everyone in attendance was simply glad that they’d just taken the cake back inside after cutting it.

“It landed on the baby seat that was here,” Joe noted. “We just got done with cake. Thank God. We took the cake back in, because within two minutes, something fell from the sky. It was brown, it was everywhere, it got on everything. I grabbed a hose from over here, immediately started lining things up to start washing it off.”

As the gathered masses started to wonder where this falling feces had indeed come from, Joe’s sister immediately took to her iPhone and soon found out that five planes had just been flying over them. They then put two and two together and realised that a huge collection of number twos had just dropped into their lives.

Joe Cambray admitted that the family have already filed a complaint with the FAA, who insist that all planes dispose of their human waste at an airport. An investigation is now underway, but that will be of little comfort to the Cambray family, whose celebration will now be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

[Image via Shutterstock]