Brutal Boyfriend Who Left Girlfriend Paralysed And Brain Damaged Moved From Job At Hospital

Even though Steve Clark left his girlfriend paralyzed and with brain damage for life after a frenzied attack, he still managed to land a job at the hospital where his victim receives treatment.

Clark attacked Lisa Taylor by kicking her more than 40 times in the head in 2000. The beating was so severe that the victim’s blood soaked through the attackers sneakers to his socks.

Taylor’s family were outraged when Clark, who received a four-year prison sentence was released from custody after two years. However, they were even more outraged that he secured employment as an internal courier at the same hospital their daughter is receiving treatment.

Lisa’s mum, Nancy, only discovered that Clark was working at the hospital when she came face-to-face with him at her daughter’s bedside at the Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton, U.K.

Following many complaints and a campaign, Clark was moved from the hospital.

As Nancy explained to reporters, “Coming face to face with someone who has done that to your daughter – it was horrible. It will make a big difference to know we won’t see him again. I’ve been told that the only time he will be allowed in the hospital is if he is admitted as a patient. I know it sounds terrible, but I said to them ‘lets hope it’s in a black bag.”

Nancy also explained how she felt when she first found out Clark was working at the Musgrove Park facility, “When I first found out he was working there I got told [by the hospital] he has done his time and I just need to get on with my life. It was horrible. I can never got on with my life until the day I die because Lisa needs round-the clock care.”

Unfortunately, a spokesperson from the hospital told reporters that he was unable to comment on the matter as it was an “internal affair.”

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