Size 22 Supermodel: Fashion Star Tess Holliday Covers ‘People’ At Size 22

Size 22 supermodel and fashion star Tess Holliday covers the June issue of People Magazine. According to Mail Online, Tess talks about her journey from being a bullied teenager to becoming a plus-size model on the inside pages of the mag.

“I was getting shoved into lockers, I was being called names. I was getting death threats at my house. It was awful,” Tess recalls.

While you may have seen her name pop up on the internet from time to time, this cover really is a huge break for her, and it’s something she is so super happy about.

“I can finally share what I was up to in Palm Springs this weekend.. Shooting the cover of @Peoplemag out today!!! @jameswhitefoto shot it & I’m crying,” Tess wrote on Instagram today.

The size 22 supermodel and fashion star is 5’5″ and weighs 280 pounds. Much of her body is covered in tattoos, but that doesn’t stop her from showing some serious skin. In fact, it makes her more appealing to so many people who find her passion for modeling and fashion simply inspiring.

Recently signing with top model agency MILK, Tess Holliday is popping up all over the place lately. She has been given a good deal of work and has been sharing a lot of her recent looks on social media. She is obviously very excited about what the future holds for her, but she isn’t forgetting how she got to this point in her career, either.

According to Softpedia News, Tess is using her fame to talk about body-shaming issues and to set an example to the world. She feels as though beauty is beauty, and that being beautiful isn’t determined by what size clothes people wear. And she proves that every single day.

“I want to challenge society’s perception of ‘beauty’ and what’s acceptable in our industry and the world. There is no one way to be a woman, or to be beautiful. We all deserve a place.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Holliday made headlines back in March when she posed for Sea by Monif C swimwear. The photos went viral online, and people found themselves debating about Tess’ body and whether or not someone of her size should be modeling bikinis.

A size 22 supermodel and fashion star might be exactly what the world needs.

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[Photo courtesy Tess Holliday/Instagram]