‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ Will Feature Doomsday, Could Superman Die?

The reported presence of an iconic Superman villain has led to speculation that Henry Cavill’s beloved superhero might die in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Over the weekend, Umberto Gonzalez told the podcast Shanlian on Batman that Doomsday will be appearing in the hugely anticipated superhero hybrid. This instantly led to speculation that Superman could meet a grisly end just like he did in the comics at the hand of the deadly monster, who was born from the depths of ancient Krypton.

Now, at the moment, this speculation needs to be taken with a huge dose of sodium. Batman V Superman’s creative team hasn’t revealed the presence of Doomsday in the blockbuster, and while there have been constant rumors that he could appear, the fact that the film concluded production several weeks ago and his addition to the ensemble still hasn’t been confirmed suggests that he still probably won’t be involved.

Meanwhile, Umberto Gonzalez also doesn’t have the best track record with his rumors too. But that being said, Doomsday’s addition could still realistically materialize. That’s because in order to bring the monstrous behemoth to life, Warner Bros. would have to use an incredible amount of CGI, which is something that they could have easily shot around without our knowledge, while they could also have easily and sneakily brought in an actor to provide the voice for the villain too.

Plus, at the moment, Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor is looking pretty outnumbered in the flick. While it’s been predicted that Lex Luthor will help to drive a wedge between Ben Affleck’s Batman and Henry Cavill’s Superman in the film, he will also need some brawn to help him go toe-to-toe with these colossal heroes when his villainous ways are revealed.

This is where Doomsday’s addition makes even more sense. During the podcast, Gonzalez predicted that Eisenberg will be the brains, while Doomsday will use his rather imposing figure and muscle to take on both Batman and Superman. For those of you who have never seen a picture of Doomsday and think that Batman and Superman would still be easily able to dispatch the foe with ease, check out the image below to immediately realize just how wrong you are.

But why would the addition of Doomsday be such bad news for Superman? Well, because in 1993, Doomsday was at the epicenter of The Death Of Superman, a comic book series that resulted in, as the title suggests, the death of our beloved hero.

It’s widely agreed that Doomsday is the most powerful and titanic foe that Superman has ever gone up against, especially since unlike most of other Superman’s villains, he actually has the strength to cause physical pain to the character.

In Superman #75, Superman and Doomsday take part in a fight that’s so huge they both end up dying at the end of the issue. DC Comics, via ABC News, writes of the installment, “Going punch for punch, Superman finally ends the threat of Doomsday as he throws one last punch and collapses forever.”

Do Zack Snyder and DC/Warner Bros. have the gall to kill Batman in the Man Of Steel sequel though? It would be a huge shock if they went that way when you consider that their cinematic universe is still in its infancy, and Superman is regarded as the linchpin of their output. Plus, with Justice League: Part One set to follow in 2017 you would imagine that their plans would be to increase Superman’s prominence and stature rather than erasing him completely. But if they did kill Superman, it would certainly prove that they’re willing to take bigger risks than they’re rivals Marvel, and it would mean that no-one in their universe would be safe.

We’ll find out what’s truly in store for Clark Kent and Superman when Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is finally released on March 25, 2016.

[Image via Fogs Movie Reviews]