Pornstar Mia Khalifa, FSU Fan Welcomes Everett Golson

Pornstar and noted FSU fan Mia Khalifa happily welcomed Notre Dame transfer Everett Golson.

Fansided reported that when Khalifa found out Golson had elected to transfer to Florida State, she tweeted her satisfaction with his choice.

"WELCOME TO THE FAMILY @everett_golson5" was Khalifa's comment.

Florida State has been looking for a replacement for Jameis Winston, who left after his sophomore year to enter the NFL Draft. He was selected with the first pick in the first round of this year's draft. Golson had a checkered career at Notre Dame, leading the Fighting Irish to a National Championship game against Alabama in 2013, where they proceeded to get crushed 42-14, crowning Alabama the champion. Soon after, Golson lost favor with the Notre Dame coaching staff. Now, since Golson has officially graduated from Notre Dame and has one year of playing eligibility remaining, he is free to transfer to Florida State and play without sitting out the traditional one year.

Khalifa often posts tweets on her page about sports and is an avid FSU fan. At one point, Khalifa tried to attract Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller to play for FSU. There is no word if Khalifa tried to recruit Golson to come to FSU.

Khalifa did take a rather humorous jab at Winston on Twitter concerning the crablegs incident. "Not in Tallahassee! #5fingerdiscount!" she tweeted.

According to the Master Herald, Khalifa, the most searched pornstar on the Pornhub website, was among the first to welcome Golson to the Seminole family. Khalifa announces herself as an unofficial FSU mascot and die-hard Seminoles fan.

Khalifa was very active on Twitter on May 11. Khalifa joined millions of fellow Seminoles fans expressing their desire to have Golson come to Tallahassee. Khalifa tweeted a list of some things Golson could enjoy upon his transfer to FSU, including sunshine, oranges and crab legs, yet another jab at Winston.

Khalifa also took a light-hearted jab at Golson, tweeting he would look good in gold and garnet and not the gold and green of Notre Dame. And, on the day of Golson's visit to Florida State, Khalifa tweeted that he was on campus for his formal visit, giving Seminole fans more hope for Golson's decision.

This is not a one-time sports tweet for Khalifa. Looking through her past tweets, Khalifa discusses college and pro football, hockey, WNBA basketball and also expressed a desire to receive lacrosse equipment as gifts from fans. Her sports knowledge is vast and on point, showing Khalifa's sports passion is more than a passing fancy.