‘The Voice’ Finale: Sawyer Fredericks Is Ready To Get Back To Farm Work

Sawyer Fredericks was announced as winner of The Voice Tuesday night, after beating out Meghan Linsey, Joshua Davis, and teammate Koryn Hawthorne. The 16-year-old says what he’s most looking forward to right now is getting back to his beloved farm.

The homeschooled teen and his family live on an 88-acre farm in Upstate New York. Sawyer has maintained throughout his Voice journey that he would be okay no matter the outcome, saying he’s happy playing music on his quiet farm or on stage. People reports, Fredericks is ready to get back to the serenity of his home after months of being in competition mode.

“I’m really just excited to be able to get back to work on the farm and just really take in the open space and the nature around my home is just amazing.”

Sawyer Fredericks has also mentioned he felt he won on The Voice long before he was officially crowned as champion. It had nothing to do with the votes. Sawyer credits all the talented people he got to meet and experiences that pushed him outside his comfort zone for making him feel like a winner.

“This whole thing has been amazing and I think the best part has been meeting all of these new people and just making all of these great connections with all the other contestants. They have so many great ideas. They’re all very original and just meeting them and hearing their voice and hearing what they have to say is amazing.”

Sawyer said on Monday night’s episode, that he had a lot of firsts on the show –including his first time flying on an airplane. Earlier in the season, his mom discussed the first time he ever ditched the comfort of his guitar on stage to focus on his vocals. He got to sing an original song written by his musical hero, Ray LaMontagne. Tuesday night, Sawyer performed with legend John Fogerty. The list of winning moments seem endless for Fredericks.

Sawyer Fredericks also credits his coach Pharrell Williams for helping him become the artist he wants to be, saying, “I couldn’t ask for a better coach.” Sawyer and Pharrell both say it was important that Fredericks remained true to himself throughout the competition. Williams offers Sawyer as an example to other budding artists to stay true to themselves no matter what.

“Don’t change for anyone because right when you think it takes one thing to make it, or you have to be this or you have to sing this kind of song or if you have to dress this kind of way or if you have to talk this kind of way, here’s a guy that possesses this ability to tap into something that we all know is bigger than all of us. He’s humble and he’s proud of being a farm hand and he’s named all of his animals, believe it or not. Straight up. He has this amazing life that he wouldn’t trade for anything.”

Sawyer Fredericks looks forward to returning to that amazing life as he prepares for the next chapter of his Voice journey.

[Image by Trae Patton/NBC]