Senator Boycotts ‘Game Of Thrones’: Sansa Stark Rape Enrages Some Fans

A Game of Thrones boycott is called for by angry fans and lambasted by Democratic Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill. The rape of character Sansa Stark, played by actress Sophie Turner, has so outraged Senator McCaskill and some viewers, that a boycott of the mega hit HBO series appears to be in the works.

Sansa Stark being raped does not appear in the book series that Game of Thrones (GoT) is based upon. The GoT scene defended by Sophie Turner has stated that she “kinda loved” filming the Sansa Stark rape scene because it was “so messed up.” Senator Claire McCaskill tweeted her angst over the Game of Thrones rape not long after the “Black Wedding” episode aired on Sunday evening.

‘”I’m done with Game of Thrones. Gratuitous rape scene disgusting and unacceptable,” Senator McCaskill wrote. A multitude of gruesome death scenes and mutilations have occurred on Game of Thrones, but the Missouri Democrat made no mention of the bloody and violent scenes in her Twitter posts calling for a Game of Thrones boycott.

In the Game of Thrones rape scene, Sansa Stark is raped by her evil new husband, Ramsey Bolton, on their wedding night. Bolton forces marries the sadistic Ramsay Bolton and is raped by her new husband on their wedding night. Bolton forces Theon Grayjoy, a ward of Sansa’s deceased father, to watch the rape.

Sophie Turner, 19, said that she had hoped for a nice new husband for her character.

“I thought the love interest was going to be like Jaime Lannister or somebody who would take care of me. But then I found out it was Ramsay and I’m back at Winterfell. I love the fact she’s back home reclaiming what’s hers. But at the same time she’s being held prisoner in her own home,” the Sansa Stark actress said.

Game of Thrones book series author, George R.R. Martin, recently stated that he does not have any issue with the writers on the HBO series deviating from his original text.

“The show is the show, the books are the books; two different tellings of the same story,” Martin said.

The Mary Sue, a reportedly popular internet forum for entertainment geeks stated that no Game of Thrones promotion would appear on the website any longer because of the Sansa Stark rape scene, even though the HBO series is popular with users.

“The show has creators. They make the choices. They chose to use rape as a plot device. Again,” The Mary Sue post about the Game of Thrones boycott, said.

Did the Sansa Stark rape scene make you want to boycott Game of Thrones?

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