‘Mortal Kombat X Update’ Gives Old Lady Rare Stage Brutality

Mortal Kombat is recognized as one of the most light-hearted brutal game series’ on the market. With the most exaggerated fatalities, instantly recognizable characters, and dedicated following, each installment stands alone as a staple of the fighting game genre. Now, with their newest title, Mortal Kombat X hitting the ground running with a great reception, developer NetherRealm Studios has released an update giving one of the game’s most abused NPCs a heck of a kickback with her very own, new and improved stage brutality.

Since the launch of Mortal Kombat X, Blanche was just an old woman present in the background of the game’s Outworld Marketplace arena. Her role was one of level interaction that, in true Mortal Kombat style, allowed players to grapple her and use her body to slam their opponent to the ground. She was helpless to her fate and the move always resulted in leaving Blanche a gory, injured mess on the ground once disposed of by the player.

Well, no more.

Blanche has received a new lease of life and a take no more attitude in Mortal Kombat X‘ most recent update, giving her a nasty little brutality we can only imagine is inspired by all the beatings she has unduly received.

In a Mortal Kombat X gameplay video by MaximilionDood, Blanche’s new move shows the unassuming old women getting her own back. Rather than being used as a weapon to beat your opponent, Blanche is swung as always, but proceeds to grapple the character with her legs, push them to the ground, and inflict massive damage before calmly wiping the blood from her face.

These stage brutalities add an extra level of interaction to the game, as well as a whole bunch of extra laughs! Typically, similar to the famous Mortal Kombat fatality, stage brutalities are not the result of a unique button combo at the end of a round, but is far more difficult to trigger.

“You must use at least two interactables and get the final hit with Blanche. Then, hold down after you throw her to trigger the new Brutality.”

Further updates for Mortal Kombat X have been confirmed by developers for the future. According to creator Ed Boon, additional content packs are on their way – including Brazil themed costumes. These come in the wake of the hugely successful Jason Vorhees content for the game, based on the horror movie franchise Friday the 13th.


[Image credit: Warner Bros.]