Man Who Kept His Dead Wife In Freezer For Five Months To Talk To Her Under Investigation

When it comes to random stories, one usually need look no further than China, and a recent story from Sichuan in the southwest of the country is a good example of why.

Jiang Maode, 53, is now under investigation by the local police in his province after reportedly keeping his dead wife’s body on ice, literally, for five months after she dies.

The dead woman, Yang Huiqing, was allegedly kept in a freezer so that her bereaved and clearly disturbed husband could chat to her at night before he went to bed.

In speaking to reporters in China, Maode said, “Just before she passed away I promised her that I would keep her at home,” which he did, having made a shrine in memory of his late wife in the Tian Yuan County home where they lived.

After Huiqing was diagnosed with leukaemia in July 2014, she died sometime later on December 19.

“She asked me to take her home. She couldn’t bear to leave me and I could not bear to be separated from her. I promised her that I would keep her at home after she passed away and when she heard this she was very happy. When I come home I often speak to her for over an hour, talking about everything that had happened that day.”

Having been married for over three decades, Maode said he loved his wife very much, recalling when they met for the first time when he was 19.

“I was wearing yellow shoes and a pair of pants with a big hole in them. I wasn’t wearing a top and only had a small crop of hair. It was a very bad impression to give her. I was very poor at the time but she never looked down on me. She was still willing to be with me.”

Despite his best intentions, Maode is now under police investigation for not reporting the death of his wife properly, as a police official confirmed, “At present we have asked Tian Yuan local authorities to look into the matter.”

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