Mom Thanks Trooper For Helping Son

A mom thanks trooper for helping son after the interaction between the black college student and white Virginia state trooper touched her hear. The mother’s letter thanking a white cop for helping her black son quickly went viral. The grateful Virginia mom posted the letter and a photo she snapped for the state trooper and her Virginia Tech student son on Facebook. Dr. Nada Owusu said that her son had a flat tire late in the evening and state trooper Matt Okes stopped to help – and “did not ask if the Mercedes was stolen.”

Dr. Nada Owusu stated that Joseph, 20, had a tire blowout “in the middle of nowhere” last Thursday evening on his way home from Virginia Tech. Virginia State Trooper Matt Okes stopped to see if the younger Owusu needed help and then “got on his knees to replace his tire.”

virginia state trooper matt okes
Grateful mom's letter to white cop goes viral.

After realizing that the tire on the Mercedes was stuck, the Virginia State Trooper stayed with Joseph Owusu for several hours until both AAA and his parent’s arrived. Because the Virginia Tech student’s car was so close to the dark roadway, Trooper Okes continued to shine his cruiser lights on the Mercedes to warn oncoming vehicles and tractor-trailers of its location, Dr. Owusu said.

Dr. Nada Owusu is a pediatrician who emigrated from Ghana. She currently practices in Danville, Virginia. The grateful mother called Matt Okes “our hero.”

“Facebook friends, join me in expressing my gratitude to God and to Officer Matt Okes, a Virginia State Police officer. I took this picture at 2 a.m. in the middle of nowhere,” Dr. Owusu’s letter began.

After the letter from the grateful mother to the white cop when viral, it caught the attention of television host Montel Williams. He responded to Owusu on Facebook and thanked her for haring the act of kindness by Virginia State Trooper Matt Okes, with the world.

“Too often we look at very specific instances where police miss the mark. And it’s equally if not more important to recognize the countless Trooper Okes of the world who quietly serve with distinction and embody everything we want our police to be,” Montel Williams said.

Nada Owusu also said that she believes there was a lot of “good in this world” and feels that others “want to hear positive stories.”

“As far as I was concerned, there was a good person waiting with my son. I didn’t care if he was green, blue, yellow. There’s a lot of good in America and that needs to be heard. Police need our support,” Dr. Nada Owusu’s viral letter of thanks to Trooper Okes said.

[Images via: Facebook]