Russian Woman Drowned Having Sex In Car With Handbrake Off

Anne Sewell

A woman in Russia has died after a sexual romp in a car turned into a tragedy as the vehicle rolled into a river. The Russian woman drowned because the couple forgot to ensure the handbrake was securely on.

Apparently the couple had been having fun, picnicking and enjoying a few drinks on the banks of the River Kuban near Yelizavetinskaya in southwest Russia.

— Chinja Umvele (@Comet937FM) May 18, 2015

It took a while before the vehicle started moving under the, well, momentum of the couple making love, but eventually the car rolled into the Kuban River close by.

— gettingsome (@gettingsome) May 19, 2015

The Mirror Online reports that the man was able to escape by kicking and breaking a window, but unfortunately the Russian woman drowned. Apparently her partner had tried desperately to save her, but could not reach her as the car was sinking so quickly under the water.

The Daily Mail noted that a Russian police spokeswoman, Natalia Smyatskaya told the media they had received a call from the distraught husband, saying that the Russian woman had drowned.

"We received a call from the distraught husband saying his wife had drowned in a lake."
"It is likely that the reason he was unable to save her was because of his inebriated state."

In rather more unusual news of death while having sex, the Inquisitr reported a while back on the strange tale of the man that died while having sex with a scarecrow he dressed as a woman

[Image: Mouth of River Kuban CC by SA 3.0 IGW]