Harold Waller Arrested With 4 Loaded Guns Inside Sacramento International Airport

Harold Waller, a 45 year old man from Montana, was arrested at a Sacramento International Airport security checkpoint after it was realized that the man was in possession of four loaded firearms. The Sacramento Country Sheriff’s Department stated that the suspect was currently being held without bail in light of his recent arrest.

The arrest occurred Thursday afternoon after TSA (Transportation Security Administration) officers discovered that Waller was carrying a loaded pistol on his persons in addition to three more loaded firearms in his carry-on luggage.

After Sheriff’s deputies scoured through Waller’s vehicle, parked at an off-site lot, they discovered an additional eight firearms. Information regarding the types of weapons was not divulged within the Sheriff’s statement.

Charges include unlawful possession of a concealed firearm, possession of a firearm within a sterile area of an airport, possession of an unauthorized weapon in a public building and possession of a loaded firearm.

Not quite as controversial of a story as TSA’s pat down of a 3 year old child in a wheelchair, this news coverage actually conveys TSA officers doing their job. Regardless of the incessant hassling many of us have been and are continually subjected to by TSA, their role is an important one that often results in the prevention of characters such as the loaded-gun-packing Harold Waller.

With an arsenal of weapons between the loaded handgun he was carrying, three guns in his carry-on, and an additional eight more in his car, one might begin to ponder: What exactly was Harold Waller intent on doing with all of those guns?