June 15, 2013
Legal rape bought to you by the US backed Afghan Government

Is it possible that a Government could be worse than the Taliban who once ruled Afghanistan with a theocratic fist? Opponents of legislation that has passed in Afghanistan's say it is "worse than during the Taliban."

US backed Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has signed a law that legalizes rape in marriage and prevents women from leaving the house without permission.

The law, which has not been publicly released according to The Telegraph, is also believed to state women can only seek work, education or doctor's appointments with their husband's permission. Only fathers and grandfathers are granted custody of children under the law, according to the United Nations.

The Afghan constitution guarantees equal rights for women, but also gives the Shia community (around 10% of the population) the right to settle family law cases according to Shia law.

The law is believed to have been an attempt to win Shia votes ahead of the next Afghanistan General Election.