Should 'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Be Drinking?

Teen Mom Amber Portwood recently revealed she was drinking again, and right away, as the Inquisitr reported, fans grew concerned. Although the reality star and mother never qualified herself as an alcoholic, drinking didn't seem to be the best idea, given her past struggles with drug addiction.

However, according to one professional, Teen Mom Amber Portwood may not be putting her sobriety in jeopardy by drinking. On May 19, Dr. Adi Jaffe, co-founder of Alternatives Treatment Center, spoke to Wetpaint Entertainment, revealing Teen Mom Amber Portwood's drinking won't necessarily result in a drug relapse.

"Many individuals who have a history of struggles with substance use turn out to be able to return to non-problematic use later in life. In fact, this is especially true when the drug dysfunction happened earlier in life (high school and college-age range) as the vast majority of young adults grow out of this highly-experimental phase with little to no problems. Amber might fall into that category."
Still, Dr. Jaffe said, "Never touching another mood-altering substance would technically be the safest option." After all, drinking often alters judgement, and with her judgement less than stellar, Teen Mom Amber Portwood could be swayed to use drugs when she wouldn't do so with a sound mind.

While Dr. Jaffe's opinion is fine and good, it should be mentioned that the Florida-based facility where he works appears to focus on the idea that those with addiction issues shouldn't be labeled "addicts," and should be allowed to drink. So, to say his opinion would align with Portwood's thinking would be an understatement.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Narcotics Anonymous requires former drug addicts to steer clear of all drugs and alcohol in other to be labeled "sober," and is a much more popular program among addicts around the globe.

On Twitter, the majority of Teen Mom Amber Portwood's fans agreed that N.A. was the best way, claiming her drinking could prove to be a bad decision.

"Sobriety means to abstain from drugs and alcohol. So she's not sober. She just doesn't use pills anymore."

"Just be careful, sweetheart. It's a slippery slope and you're doing SOO well…"

"Addicts are supposed to stay away from all mind altering substances."

Following the backlash, Teen Mom Amber Portwood returned to Twitter, where she shared the following message with fans.For more of Teen Mom Amber Portwood, tune into Teen Mom OG on Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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