‘The Sims 4’ Updates With New ‘Luxury Party Stuff’ Pack, Available Now

Sims around the world can now enjoy new luxury items in the first stuff pack for The Sims 4. The new DLC, aptly named “Luxury Party Stuff,” lets players glamorize their Sims with new outfits and add new party themed items to their homes. The pack focuses on living the high life with stylish outfits and fancy decorations, and it is out right now, according to The Sims 4‘s official Twitter account.

The Sims 4 developer detailed a few of the features within the new pack recently. Clothes, makeup, and furniture, set to a luxury theme, are all included in the new pack. In fact, “Luxury Party Stuff” is adding more than just clothes and simple decorations. Two new items that enhance gameplay are included, and although they are decorations too, they add an activity for Sims to enjoy.

The Sims 4 Luxury Party Stuff has two awesome new gameplay objects that are essential for throwing a fantastic party. Firstly, the banquet table, which you can fill with recipes your Sims prepare themselves, or quickly stock it with new appetizers. Nobody should party on an empty stomach. The second object is the new food/drink fountain, which you can place on top of your banquet table. Streaming from the top are all sorts of delicious things to consume, including rich, decadent chocolate (perfect for strawberries) and several other delightful delicacies. There’s even room for mischief and more, especially for Sims gifted in the Culinary and Mixology skills!”

A rousing 52 new items are included in the pack, according to the Sims-Online fansite. Previews of each item are available there for those looking for full details on what can be found in the “Luxury Party Stuff” pack. New hairstyles, gowns, suits, makeup, bars, and everything else included in the pack can be previewed.

Luxury Party Stuff is the first stuff pack available for The Sims 4, and it costs $9.99 from the Origin Store. Players looking to further expand their game might consider the first game pack, “Outdoor Retreat,” or the game’s first expansion pack, entitled Get to Work. While a stuff pack adds a few new objects and create-a-Sim additions, game packs add extended gameplay elements as well as items. Expansion packs completely change the way The Sims 4 plays by adding new skills, new objectives, and even new areas.

In fact, the Inquisitr recently reported on the new features of Get to Work. The expansion adds new active jobs, where the player can control the Sim at work. Not to mention, Sims can run their own businesses and take up baking or photography with the expansion.

Will you be picking up The Sims 4 “Luxury Party Stuff”?

[Images via Origin]