Bravo Cast Update: Lisa Rinna Talks ‘RHOBH’ Season 6, Denies Being Asked Back

Will the Bravo cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 include Lisa Rinna? Last week, Rinna, along with other members of the Bravo cast, including Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards, were in New York City to announce the upcoming sixth season of the show, but despite her appearance, Rinna claims she hasn’t signed a contract quite yet.

On May 19, Rinna shared the following tweet.

Rinna became a part of the Bravo cast in the summer of last year, when she joined longtime friends Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump for Season 5. Also joining the show at the time was Eileen Davidson, who, along with Rinna, filled the empty spots left by Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud.

Throughout her time on the Bravo cast, Rinna has made a name for herself, both with her funny one-liners and her opinionated mindset. Although she butted heads frequently with her co-stars Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville, the majority of the cast appeared to be a fan of Rinna, and so did viewers.

After appearing on the show’s fifth season reunion, Rinna took to her blog, as the Inquisitr reported, and discussed the series’ drama. Speaking to fans, Rinna addressed Glanville’s drinking, and the ongoing feud between Bravo cast members Kyle and Kim Richards.

“I think Lisa V. said it perfectly when she spoke of Brandi’s drinking. She’s absolutely right to point out that when Brandi drinks, it may not be a problem in her life, but it certainly becomes our group’s problem when she does it around us.”

Glanville seemed to be inebriated on the show multiple times, but insists her behavior is no one’s business but her own. Eileen Davidson, who dealt with a noticeably tipsy Glanville at her home, disagreed.

“Eileen was also right to point out that she only commented on Brandi’s negative behaviors that happened while in her presence. One of those times happening in her own home!”

As for Kim and Kyle’s relationship, the Bravo cast member felt for her longtime friend, Kyle, who hadn’t spoken to her sister for five months before coming face-to-face at the reunion.

“I knew how stressful it was for [Kyle] to be in this situation. Having to see her sister for the first time in months with cameras around can’t be easy, but of course, she remained strong, and I’m proud of her for that.”

No word yet on when the Bravo cast will officially be announced.

[Photo via Twitter]