‘RHONJ’ Season 7: Did Jacqueline Laurita Confirm Teresa Giudice’s Return?

RHONJ Season 7 will reportedly include Teresa Giudice. Earlier this month, as the Inquisitr reported, All Things Real Housewives confirmed Bravo would wait until Giudice’s prison release before beginning production on RHONJ Season 7, and now, a second source has reportedly confirmed the news, as well.

On May 19, Unreality TV reported Jacqueline Laurita had recently spoken out, seemingly confirming that her co-star, Giudice, would soon be filming with her on RHONJ Season 7. During an interview with Real Mr. Housewife, Laurita was asked if she would film with Giudice.

“Good or bad, I always have filmed with her in the past, haven’t I?”

It had previously been reported that Giudice was refusing to film with Laurita, thus putting her role on RHONJ Season 7 in jeopardy. Laurita has starred on The Real Housewives of New Jersey since Season 1, and while she was reportedly fired ahead of Season 6, she was quickly brought back after the series saw a ratings decline. Because of that, many believed Laurita’s return to the RHONJ Season 7 was a sure thing.

As for the rest of the cast, nothing has yet been confirmed.

Last week, following news of Giudice’s alleged return to the RHONJ Season 7, a source told Real Mr. Housewife that nothing was official quite yet.

“Teresa has not signed a contract. They have approached several cast members to begin talks about next season, but nothing is set in stone yet.”

All Things Real Housewives claimed Giudice would not only star on RHONJ Season 7, but had also been given control in regard to the production of the series. However, Real Mr. Housewife‘s source denied any such thing, claiming Giudice was in no position to be making demands.

“While production does have an interest in bringing Teresa back, they are not planning on allowing her to call the shots. Teresa knows she’s not in the driver’s seat, because she’s so desperate for money. She will do anything Bravo needs her to at this point, as she knows that when she gets out of jail, she needs the money.”

Giudice will be released on December 23, and is expected to resume filming on RHONJ soon after. However, at this point, there are conflicting reports regarding whether or not filming will begin without her, or wait until she is able film with the other women.

The RHONJ Season 7 has yet to be confirmed by Bravo.

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