Fan Sues DJ Steve Aoki Over Neck Injury

DJ Steve Aoki is being sued by a fan for allegedly breaking her neck during a concert. According to ABC, Aoki is being accused of breaking a fan’s neck while crowd surfing during a concert.

The fan, Brittan Hickman, said that the DJ jumped off of the stage during a San Diego performance at the Hard Rock Cafe. Aoki landed on a blow up raft, but Hickman said she was trapped underneath the raft. Due to her position, the fan fell unconscious, only to be later diagnosed with a broken neck.

Due to the lawsuit, the DJ released a statement on the whole ordeal. “I would never want anyone to get hurt at any of my shows and feel badly that someone has, but at this time I have been advised by my attorneys to not speak about this as it’s going to trial. Thank you for your understanding.”

The injury left the Aoki fan in the hospital for three days and, because of the neck break, she lost out on two months of work and pay. She explained what happened when she awoke.

“The doctor comes in and he says ‘don’t move.’ The medics come over and start to put a neck brace on me. And I remember thinking, what’s going on. And the doctor said you broke your neck. If I would have thrown my arms above my head or reached for something, I could have paralyzed myself.”

Following Aoki’s statement, the DJ’s attorney, Peter Doody, released another statement.

“This matter arises out of an incident which occurred at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, three years ago. In addition to Mr. Aoki, Ms. Hickman is also suing Hard Rock. Trial in this matter is scheduled for August 28, 2015, before Judge Pressman of the San Diego Superior Court. Because of the ongoing litigation and the pending trial date, it would not be appropriate for us to respond to your inquiry at this time or permit an interview.”

Some are divided about this pending case.

[Photo by Larry Morano / Getty Images]