NYC Woman Married 10 Times Without Divorcing, Bronx Bigamist Liana Barrientos Ran Immigration Scam?

Liana Barrientos has been accused of fraud, with courts saying that the NYC woman married 10 times without divorcing. No, she is not simply fixated on having a good time at a big wedding. Instead, it is said the Bronx bigamist uses marriage to men to rip them off. To make matters worse, she has blown off the court system and stood up the judge.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, when authorities realized that the NYC woman was married 10 times, they confronted the Dominican Republic native. She claimed her tenth marriage, which took place in 2010, was her first, but when detective investigated further, it became quickly obvious this was a lie.

"All the marriages took place in New York state, making it relatively easy for the detective to track them all down. What turned up was 10 marriage licenses, all containing Barrientos' Social Security number, her date and place of birth as well as the names of her parents."
Last month, authorities were still trying to figure out why the NYC woman married 10 times without divorcing a single one of the men. But they did have a hint, based upon the past history of the men that Liana Barrientos married. For example, one of her husbands was deported in 2006 after making threatening statements against the United States, which earned the attention of the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Seven of Liana's husbands were foreigners, and they used their marriage to file for permanent status within the United States. If this failed, they simply tried again by marrying someone else.

Eventually, police realized she was operating an immigration scam, since her "husbands" were paying for her services. She also lied when she filled out government forms, and she even used slight variations of her full name in order to fool public officers in the Bronx, Westchester County, and Long Island.

The judge in the case is probably not too happy with Liana Barrientos at the moment. She may have plead not guilty to all charges, but her first court appearance was supposed to be on Monday. When she did not appear, the Bronx court issued a warrant for her arrest, but then she showed up voluntarily a day later on Tuesday.

If it is proven in court that the NYC woman married 10 times as part of an immigration scam, the Bronx bigamist could land in prison for four years. The bail was set at $10,000, and her next appearance is set for June 8, 2015. According to WVNSTV, the lawyer for Liana Barrientos has not commented on the ongoing case.

[Image via AP Photo / Julio Cortez]