‘Too Ashamed To Tell’: Girl Who Was Raped At 11 And Pregnant At 12 By Her Brother Reveals All In New Book

A British girl was raped at the age of 11 by her brother, and became pregnant at the age of 12, but was "too ashamed to tell" anyone. Now, 10 years later, the 22-year-old Tressa Middleton has a tell-all book that reveals her abusive past, according to the Mirror.

In 2006, Tressa noticed changes in her body after she had been raped by her brother Jason Middleton. Not wanting to face the fact that she could possibly be pregnant by her own brother, Tressa remained silent.

It wasn't until her friend — who she confided in — suggested she take a pregnancy test. And when she did, it confirmed her worst nightmare -- Tressa was pregnant at 11.

"Soon after, I began noticing changes in my body," she said in an interview. "I eventually did a pregnancy test and it came up I was pregnant."

"I was too scared to tell my mum, so I told my aunt and then ran away... Mum was furious but she calmed down eventually."

Although she was afraid to tell her mom, she had no choice but to tell her eventually. However, she didn't quite tell her the whole truth. Tressa told her mother that a teenage boy from around the way had gotten her pregnant — she didn't want anyone to know that her brother was the father of her child, according to the Herald Sun.

When Tressa turned 12, she gave birth to her daughter, who she had to give up for adoption.

Two years later, Tressa told a friend that Jason was the father of her baby, and the word got out. Her brother was later arrested.

After taking a DNA test to confirm he was he father of his sister's baby, a judge sentenced him to four years in prison.

"You are never far away from my thoughts," Tressa said during an interview about her daughter, who is desperately hoping to meet her one day.

"I know it's going to be hard for her to find out her uncle is actually her dad. I hope she doesn't blame me for staying quiet."
Tressa ended the interview with advice to other young girls to come forward if they are being abused.
"If anything like this happened to you as a young girl you must speak out.

An unnamed girl from north London became Britain's new youngest mum last year.

She was five months younger than Tressa, who remains Scotland's youngest mum."

Tressa's book, The 12-Year-Old Mum: My True Story, is available for purchase now.

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