Shikha Joshi Suicide: 'BA Pass' Actress Was Reportedly Being Harassed

Authorities have confirmed Shikha Joshi committed suicide on Saturday evening at her friend's Versova, Mubai, home. According to witness reports, the Bollywood actress cut her own throat with a kitchen knife. Although it is unclear what motivated the 40-year-old woman to end her own life, friends suggest she was being harassed.

As reported by Hindustan Times, Shikha Joshi is best known for her role in the 2012 film B.A. Pass. Ajay Bahl, who directed the Hindi film, said Joshi was a "happy-go-lucky person" and "a beautiful actor." Bahl said he was looking forward to working with the actress on future projects.However, the actress' close friend Madhu Bharati tells a different story. According to Bharati, Joshi was depressed in the months leading up to her death -- as she "was not getting any good roles or modelling assignments."

Shikha Joshi was also dealing with legal issues, which stemmed from a 2011 lawsuit against cosmetic surgeon Vijay Sharma.

According to the lawsuit, Sharma touched Joshi inappropriately during a breast exam. As the case was never resolved, Joshi and her brother Vishesh were arrested in 2013 for throwing rocks at the doctor's clinic.

Two years later, the actress made the heart-wrenching decision to end her own life. On the evening of May 16, Shikha Joshi reportedly grabbed a kitchen knife, locked herself inside Bharati's restroom, and proceeded to slice her own throat.

Joshi's wound was fatal, as she suffered tremendous blood loss. However, Bharati convinced the actress to open the door and make a statement before she passed away.

As reported by Times of India, Joshi blamed Dr. Sharma and "married men" for her decision to end her life. During the chilling conversation, which was recorded, Bharati suggests Joshi was being exploited.

**Warning: Video May Be Disturbing For Some Viewers**

Vishesh Joshi said Bharati is at least partially responsible for his sister's death, as she chose to record the video before calling for help.

D N Nagar Division Assistant Commissioner of Police, Samadhan Dhanedhar, confirmed the actress' dying statement was recorded on Bharati's cellphone. However, the authenticity of the recording has yet to be confirmed.

Commissioner Dhanedhar said he and his colleagues will interview Dr. Vijay Sharma to determine whether he was harassing the late actress. He also confirmed detectives are conducting a thorough investigation of the scene.

Shikha Joshi is survived by her 19-year-old daughter and husband. According to reports, Joshi's daughter resides with her grandparents and her husband lives in the United States.

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