‘The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials’ Trailer Takes A Darker Turn

A new trailer for The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials has just hit the web, and it appears the second installment of the Maze Runner series is going to take a bit of a darker turn than the first. The trailer shows a Maze Runner world that is in ruins and also sheds some light on just what is going on behind the scenes of these events.

The trailer opens with a voice talking about how the Maze Runner trials have come to an end and that it’s time to enter phase 2. That particular phase is apparently The Scorch Trials. The Scorch is a world where everything has basically been covered in sand and a city that looks conspicuously like New York is now a dessert. Behind this new Maze Runner plan is apparently some sort of test that will help determine the “course of humanity.”

All of the surviving cast from the original Maze Runner film is back, as well as a couple of new characters. Among those are apparently other maze runners who also survived their tests and are now waiting to be thrown into the Scorch for unknown reasons. The video also unveils a new twist, obviously not completely explained, where it appears there are alien embryos being stored in the facility where the last vestiges of humanity are holed up against the scorch.

As Forbes points out, it might be a bit of a surprise that The Scorch Trials are being made at all, considering the original movie wasn’t a huge box office success out of the game. The site does point out that the film sort of chugged along at a steady pace for quite a while and actually made a decent amount of money in the end. The film was also better received than people originally expected it to be when The Maze Runner first hit theaters.

This is just the latest young adult science fiction book that has caught on and grabbed audiences’ attention. The film series is probably the least known of the three big book series that have taken to the big screen, but it might be the one that stands out among the crowd because of the unknown. As a bonus, it appears that Aiden Gillen has found his niche. Game of Thrones fans recognized the man known as Littlefinger as he’s apparently playing yet another underhanded schemer in The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.

[Photo Courtesy 20th Century Fox]