Jessa Duggar Baby Bump Instagram Photo: Jess Shares Pregnant Photo At 16 Weeks And Counting

Her due date is in November, and from the looks of Jessa Duggar's baby bump snap on Instagram, the mommy-to-be is well on her way to having her first child. Or is it children?

On Monday, Duggar-Seewald reached an important milestone in social media among today's pregnant women. The picture of her growing baby inside is an expectant mom's rite of passage nowadays. And for all of the 19 Kids and Counting reality TV's fans, she didn't disappoint, citing an update on the newlyweds from Us Magazine.

The Instagram of Jessa's bump shows her in the mirror taking a selfie while cradling her tummy in a casual shirt. Wait, is this Duggar chick wearing pants or a denim skirt, ya'll? If so, no more dresses for this hot momma (shh, Jim Bob may be listening).

Weeks before the baby bump photo on Instagram was shared, rumors cropped up that Ben and Jessa were having twins. The speculation was bolstered by something Ben hinted at in a recent clip.
"Can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl. It could be both, who knows?"
That would be awesome for the Duggar daughter and her hubby; they want to grow their family ahead of schedule (no surprise there, right?), so having twin babies would be a good head start (two kids and counting).However, Jess has never been shy about updating fans about her maternal journey. Whether she's talking about her pregnancy cravings by showing off a Jamocha Shake pic from Arby's or talking about morning sickness, Jessa Duggar is not all that cryptic in her social sharing.

Besides, when Jess talks about her growing baby bump, she refers to it in the singular. And a recent interview was pretty telling.

"I want to gain a little less weight and not stress out about it. I do want to make sure that I'm eating healthy. You are eating for two but the other is, like, a speck. I am trying to make healthy choices now that I'm entering my second trimester."
In April, Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald took to Twitter and announced the pregnancy news. Speculation had been brewing for quite a while ahead of the news flash, and many said the couple was trying to keep the baby news on the DL. And then, a fan sort of outed the couple's recent shopping trip to the maternity section of a department store. The cat was out the bag at that point. And then, the clock started ticking until Jessa showed off her baby bump on Instagram.

With Jessa Duggar pregnant and the baby well on its way, Ben's wife better take some pointers from her sister. Jill Duggar recently gave birth to her son Israel David last month. And who can forget those long grueling hours (70) in labor? Top that Jess.

[Photo via Instagram]