Did Calvin Harris Murder His Estranged Wife?

Calvin Harris has endured a barrage of accusations and three murder trials since his estranged wife disappeared sometime between the evening of September 11, 2001 and the following morning. The babysitter found the woman’s empty vehicle at the end of the driveway on the morning of September 12. Michele Harris has never been found, and her disappearance remains a mystery.

At the time of her disappearance, Calvin and Michele Harris were in the midst of divorce proceedings, and both were reportedly romantically involved with other people, though they continued to live in the same house. Their four children ranged in age from two to seven at the time of the incident.

The first murder trial in 2007 found Calvin Harris guilty of the murder of his wife, but the verdict was overturned when new evidence was presented. According to the Towanda Daily Review, farmer Kevin Tubbs revealed that he saw a woman he thought was Michele Harris arguing with a man at the end of the driveway on the morning of September 12. He was allowed to testify, resulting in Calvin Harris’ guilty verdict being overturned.

Kevin Tubbs’ description matched that of Stacy Stewart. The defense claims Stewart and Christopher Thomason are responsible for the disappearance of Michele Harris, citing witness statements that Stewart had been bragging that he knew how to hide a body and that Thomason had burned bloody clothing.

In 2009, Calvin Harris was tried again for murder, resulting in a second guilty verdict, and he spent three years in prison until that decision was also overturned. The most recent trial ended on May 16 with a hung jury. The defense hoped to receive a trial order of dismissal due to insufficient evidence to convict, but instead was granted a mistrial, meaning that the case will remain open. The prosecution plans to pursue a fourth murder trial for Calvin Harris. A conference is already slated for August 12.

The only evidence allowed in court that may show a link to Calvin Harris being guilty of murder are small blood stains in the kitchen and garage of the Harris home. The age of the blood stains could not be determined. The body of Michele Harris has never been found, and no murder weapon uncovered. Calvin has hired private detectives and launched his own investigation, which has turned up several witnesses who corroborate the story about Stacy Stewart and Christopher Thomason.

The Harris children, now teenagers, support Calvin and do not believe he harmed their mother in any way. At the end of the third trial, reports People,Calvin Harris made a brief statement to the jurors, and in praise of his children.

“In particular, I want to thank those jurors who fought for me and my children. Your faith in me was not misplaced. I did not have anything to do with Michele’s disappearance. One day I hope to be able to prove that to everyone’s satisfaction.”

“I have four truly amazing children. Taylor, Cayla, Jenna and Tanner: Your strength, resilience, kindness and support through these incredibly difficult circumstances have given me the strength to survive. No one should have to go through what we have endured. Without you, this brutal process of trial after trial would have crushed me. With you I know that together we can meet the next challenge.”

The Harris family is still asking those with any information to come forward.

“We know that there are others out there with information about Michele’s disappearance. My children and I are asking you to please come forward and tell what you know.”

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