May 18, 2015
Naomi Grossman On Pepper's Return To 'American Horror Story'

There's no doubt that, as American Horror Story heads into its fifth season, it's generating attention from some pretty big Hollywood A-listers, but some notable American Horror Story royalty is also showing interest in returning to Ryan Murphy's successful horror anthology. It wasn't long ago that Taissa Farmiga expressed interest in returning to American Horror Story, and now it seems we may not have seen the last of Pepper, Naomi Grossman's American Horror Story alter ego.

Realistically, how likely is it that we can expect to see Ryan Murphy revive Naomi Grossman's Pepper, after it seems as though Pepper's entire story has been told between American Horror Story: Asylum and American Horror Story: Freak Show?

"Of course there's a chance. Anything's possible in American Horror Story," Grossman teased to Latin Times. "Anything could happen. The Beatles could be resurrected and reunited on that show, anything could happen!"

Speaking as a fan, Naomi pondered on what American Horror Story: Hotel might involve, as far as a general theme. Ms. Grossman had some very definite ideas.

"I'm sure there have been mass murders in hotels, that's probably where I would look first. They always draw upon the past and history, so I imagine it'll be something like that."
Ms. Grossman was spotted at the recent 3rd Annual Reality TV Awards, and was immediately the center of attention as soon as she was recognized without her American Horror Story disguise. Few would connect this stunning beauty with the unfortunate orphan of society she portrays on American Horror Story, dressed in an alluring red gown with gold accessories. Also contradictory of her American Horror Story persona, Naomi's hair was considerably longer.

"I keep texting my stylist, like 'What do you think, should we do streaks? Highlights next? Do you like the color? What do you think, Robin Wright Penn or shaggy rocker?' and he's like 'Just hold off a minute, just get hair first,' " Grossman said in a toofab interview. "I'm so excited; I actually have like hair to do something with!"

There's no doubt Naomi Grossman is an extraordinary actress. After all, her character's popularity got Ryan Murphy to break one of his own rules. Murphy once said he would never reprise a character in a second season, which was exactly what he did when he re-cast Naomi Grossman as Pepper to return in American Horror Story: Freak Show.

As far as American Horror Story: Hotel is concerned, Ms. Grossman admits she would be open to any possibility.

"As far as next season is concerned, I would love to play a new character. That said, I would also play Pepper forever, given the opportunity. But I think it would be interesting to see me do something else."
And Naomi speaks about her past American Horror Story role as a learning experience, an opportunity to grow as a human being as well as an actress.
"I don't even know where to begin. The character taught me to appreciate the little things. Like the fact that I have legs -- because let's face it, there were people on set that didn't. The experience [of being on "Freak Show"] taught me so much about humanity, and relating to others that are perhaps different."
While she awaits that call from Ryan Murphy (and why would he not want to work with such a talented actress again?), Ms. Grossman reports that she's currently working on The Chair.
"I play the mother of the death row inmate that's destined for the chair."
[Featured image: Naomi Grossman courtesy of Rachel Murray/Getty Images for CW3PR Gold Meets Golden]