Watch Batman And Superman Face Off In New Promo Art

Some amazing Batman and Superman promo art hit the net, so fanboys and girls are squealing over it as they patiently await more official images from Warner Bros.

Batman v Superman is not scheduled to hit theaters for another 10-months, and fans can’t wait to see more of what promises to be an epic film, with the Dark Knight and Man of Steel facing-off for the first time on the big screen. In the meantime, former Latino Review correspondent Umberto Gonzalez — who is on top of all the blockbuster’s exclusives — shared this amazing promo art Monday afternoon on his new Instagram account, Heroic Hollywood.

In the first image we see Superman (Henry Cavill) choking Batman (Ben Affleck) and bringing him to his knees with his powerful grip. The caption reads.

“#Repost @heroichollywood…HEROIC HOLLYWOOD EXCLUSIVE! HOT #BatmanvSuperman promo art 1/2”

The second amazing promo art shows that Batman can turn the tables on Superman and can use his amazing armored suit to fight back. Looks like the Dark Knight finds a way to counter Man of Steel’s superhuman powers. Check it out.

Without knowing details of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s plot, and only deducing things from what we saw in the trailer — released last month — we know that, initially, our two superheroes are not friends. The trailer intimated Superman has fallen from grace in the eye of Metropolis.

Crowds were seen writing graffiti all over a monument erected in Superman’s honor and unfriendly faces, including that of Batman, questioning his motives. The theory is that after the carnage that ensued following the encounter between the Man of Steel and his nemesis, General Zod, at the end of Man of Steel, people blame Superman for the destruction.

When Batman and Superman meet for the first time — in that scene where Superman descends upon Batman on a rainy Gotham night — things are tense, to say the least. Batman doesn’t trust Superman, and we expect a fierce battle between the two before they settle their differences. After all, they are both fighting the bad guys, but things don’t start on the right footing.

The Batman and Superman face-off promo art is as spectacular as we expect Dawn of Justice to be, and these images will have to do for now, until more official promo material comes to us via Warner Bros. Are you excited yet?

[Image via El Efectivo]