Top TV Shows For The 2015/2016 Season: What's Hot And What's Back?

The 2015/2016 TV season promises to be spectacular this year, with the introduction of more imaginative TV shows. Super heroes dominate with offerings like Legends of Tomorrow (CW) and Supergirl (CBS). Another major star moves from the big screen to television, with the appearance of Jamie Lee Curtis in a new show called Scream Queens (Fox). The big screen also comes to television with a TV show offering from Bradley Cooper's film, Limitless.

Although there are many new shows coming to television this year, there are several, based on the trailers, that promise to offer entertainment and make television's offerings far more rich by getting away from the usual comedies and dramas. Offerings include shows like Super Girl and Limitless from CBS, while ABC is reviving The Muppets.

Fox offers Scream Queens, starring Jamie Lee Curtis, and promises both entertainment and satire. While shows like Super Girl and Legends of Tomorrow offer super heroes, Limitless is an expansion of the big screen movie that starred Bradley Cooper. Cooper will participate in making the series, although he won't star, according to The Wrap.

Some TV shows were also saved by sending them to new networks. Hulu saved The Mindy Project after Fox cancelled. Damages was revived for a third season by DirectTV after FX cancelled it. Although it ended in 2012, it is still available in syndication, as are many of the shows that were cancelled and revived.

The Killing found a new home on Netflix, as did Arrested Development. Heidi Klum chose to move Project Runway from Bravo to Lifetime. Cougartown found a new home on TBS. Southland, which was cut from the NBC lineup before it even aired, became a hit on TNT, according to the New York Daily News.

Fans saw the end of some of their favorites including Revenge, The Mentalist, Hart of Dixie, Glee, and Parks & Recreation. The Following, with Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy, is also ending, and promises major deaths and shockers in the series finale. On the other hand, Hannibal, known for major shockers and elegance in storytelling, returns for Season 3.

The two biggest cancellations this year were CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on CBS and American Idol on Fox. Many of the shows cancelled this year were cancelled after one or two seasons. Others, like The Mentalist and Two and a Half Men, and the two previously mentioned, were concluded, according to Journal Now.

What TV shows are you looking forward to this fall? Which of your shows were cancelled?

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