'Arrow' Season 4: What We DO And Do NOT Know So Far About The CW Show's Next Season

David Joseph

Arrow season 4 debuts in just a few months on the CW, but there is a large swathe of time that occupies the in between, before the show returns. Over the course of Arrow season three, a lot has happened. So, there is a lot to break down. As always, if you have not finished the season 3, there will be spoilers just around the corner. Please complete, or binge watch Arrow season three, then return.

Arrow season 3 wrapped up with Ra's Al Ghul being defeated at the hand's of Green Arrow / Oliver Queen, Thea Queen / Speedy becoming Red Arrow, Malcolm Merlyn unsurprisingly leading the League of Assasins. As far as the third season of Arrow, that is biggest highlights, as the Inquisitr had also reported.

With Arrow season 4 a few months away, and a large swathe of time in between to ponder and ask questions, the obvious question is what do we know so far. Well, according to ComicBookMovie, Willa Holland (Thea Queen), Rila Fukushima (Katana), Karl Yune (Maseo) sat down for an interview about Arrow season 4.

The tidbits that were dropped was that Maseo might be returning for the fourth season, but there was no specifics as to why. With the Lazarus Pit, and even more complexly thought out The flash's ability to time travel, give us a few possibilities for his return to Arrow. Holland also hinted that Thea Queen will be sticking around as Red Arrow for the fourth season, and might be seeing some yellow added to her suit, hinting at the red and yellow outfit she wears in DC Comic book.

Arrow's Stephen Amell could not help but to throw his fans a few bones for season 4, and name dropped "Coast City, Damien Darhk, H.I.V.E., and all that good stuff", according to Comicbook.

Coast City being the home of Green Lantern Hal Jordan, combined with the fact that there are several book with Green Arrow and Green Lantern team-ups and the fact that many were rumoring that Diggle might become Green Lantern John Stewart in season 4, makes the possibilities wide open for the next season of Arrow.

Damien Darhk was name dropped in Arrow season 3 and we almost met him, but it has been rumored for some time that he will be the main Arrow villain for the fourth season. Sadly, Harley Quinn was on the docket to appear in season 3, but was axed. So, that is something we should not expect for season 4 of Arrow.

So, for Arrow season 4 and what do we know, where does that leave us with "Olicity"? Well, they could potentially adapt some material from Green Arrow: Long Bow Hunters, which is a story that has Oliver and Laurel to Seattle. It opens door for Arrow to return to his crime fighting ways, and perhaps a Green Arrow costume switch-up. Granted, that is a long shot.

With season 4 having to deal with Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn as the new Ra's Al Gh, there is a lot of Oliver Queen's plate for him to simply sail off into the sunset.

[Image Via Arrow Season 3 Finale/CW]