Jennifer Lopez Reverse Cleavage: JLo Brings ‘Underboob’ To Billboard Awards, Fans Love Reverse Cleavage

Jennifer Lopez brought reverse cleavage to the Billboard Music Awards, and people loved it. According to the Daily Star, JLo showed off her assets in a sheer number that highlighted her perfect body, specifically her breasts and her toned tummy. Interestingly enough, however, Lopez did something different. She didn’t show off cleavage with her breasts busting out of her top. Instead, she showed off the bottom and gave herself cleavage in a different way.

“The 45-year-old utilized just crystals and mesh to create a naked dress that most likely caused drooling from every man within a ten mile radius. JLo attended the Billboard Music Awards with oodles of underboob bursting from underneath strips of glitter, while her toned stomach was totally exposed.”

Jennifer Lopez and her reverse cleavage have been the talk of the internet since Sunday night’s show at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. According to Yahoo! Celebrity, the unique gown was made by Charbel Zoe, a relatively new designer. And while many people were concerned that Lopez was going to have a wardrobe malfunction, she insisted that she was just fine.

“This dress doesn’t need taping. It’s very well made.”

Jennifer Lopez reverse cleavage

Lopez has one more season with American Idol, which will kick off in January (the show is ending). As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the triple threat just announced that she will be heading to Las Vegas for her own residency at Planet Hollywood (where Britney Spears performs Piece Of Me through the end of the year).

“I’ve been preparing for this moment my entire life. The show is going to be a multifaceted high energy Jenny from the Block party, mixing all aspects of what my fans and I love—Dance, Hip Hop, Latin and Pop. It’s going to be the show I’ve always dreamed of creating.”

Surely, Jennifer Lopez will have tons of reverse cleavage — and every kind of cleavage you could possibly imagine — in her new show. From the costumes to the song choices, the sets, and the dancing, the show is set to be one of the best that Vegas has ever seen. JLo’s first show will be in January 2016. It’s unclear how many shows she will be doing a week, but she will be flying back to Los Angeles to film Idol at least once a week for the first couple of months.

Are you a JLo fan? What did you think of her BMAs gown? Would you go see her new show in Las Vegas?

[Photos by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]