‘Mad Men’ Series Finale Spoilers: Show’s Emotional Final Episode Leaves Fans In Tears

'Mad Men' Series Finale Spoilers: Show's Emotional Final Episode Leaves Fans In Tears

Mad Men had an emotional series finale on Sunday, one that left fans of the show in tears as they said goodbye to Don Draper for the last time.

The episode brought a conclusion to the saga of advertising titan Don Draper and the tangled web of relationships he and other characters had cultivated over the course of the last seven seasons.

While Mad Men had been building toward the finale for months, fans still had a difficult time dealing with the finality of the episode. Many of them took to Twitter in a communal showing of grief (warning, some Mad Men spoilers are contained in the tweets).

Many fans were particularly touched by the emotional phone call between Don Draper and Betty. At this point, Don was shacking up with a new young woman and learned about Betty’s cancer. They discussed where the boys would end up — Don wanted them to stay with Henry, but Betty was firm that they should live with Uncle William and Aunt Judy.

As the call concluded, Don called Betty “Birdie” and started to cry. Many viewers cried right along with him.

Not everyone was enamored with the Mad Men series finale, however. The show’s ending fell flat with some viewers.

For those wondering exactly how it all ends, TVLine sums it up nicely.

“Don listens to another man give a very sad testimony in group therapy, and winds up walking over to the man and hugging him as they both sob. Pete, Trudy and Tammy get on a private jet. Joan opens her own company, solo. Roger and Marie look happy together. Betty smokes while Sally does the dishes. Peggy gets a backrub from Stan. And Don does yoga and smiles. (No, seriously.) Then we go to the ‘I’d like to buy the world a Coke’ commercial, which — you’ll recall — features shiny, happy people holding hands and singing about the soda. So did Draper go back to McCann Erickson and work on that account after all…?”

The reactions to the Mad Men finale are continuing to pile in, with the show one of the top trending topics on Twitter.

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