Miley Cyrus Engaged To Liam Hemsworth? Star Tweets Photo Of Supposed Engagement Ring

Miley Cyrus recently tweeted a photo of her new nail polish, but the star may have actually been showing the world her new engagement ring. Cyrus, who is currently dating “The Hunger Games” star Liam Hemsworth, hasn’t commented on the ring yet.

So is Miley Cyrus engaged?

A source close to the celebrity couldn’t confirm the engagement but did say that Hemsworth and Cyrus have talked about marriage before. The source told OK Magazine:

“They’re still keeping it a big secret, but they’re seriously talking marriage. Liam is crazy about her! Miley wants the whole nine yards as far as a big wedding goes.”

And what better time to do it. Hemsworth is about to become one of the biggest movie stars in the country. “The Hunger Games” brought in more than $20 million during it’s opening midnight showings and is set to have one of the biggest opening weekends in movie history.

Miley and Liam have been dating for about a year. The Christian Post notes that they couple did take a brief break because Liam got tired of Miley’s partying. They’ve made up since then, however, and it looks like they’ll soon commit to each other.

When Miley tweeted the photo, she didn’t make any mention of marriage. Miley wrote:

“I am soooo obsessed with @jennahipp nail foundations! It looks so chic and classic!”

miley cyrus

A source told Hollywood Life:

“They are madly in love and inseparable. (Miley) thinks Liam is the one!”

Do you think Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are engaged? If they aren’t, do you think Miley Cyrus knew that she was churning the rumor mill by posting the above picture?