Heroic Golden Retriever Saves Owner From Violent Home Invasion

A violent, drug-using criminal broke into a home in Wyandotte, Michigan. The homeowner, Sarah Powers, was home alone at the time. When Powers exited her bathroom, she saw a man violently punching her beloved 11-year-old golden retriever, Sadie. The home invasion ended because of Sadie's heroic actions. Powers described the scene as follows, according to Channel 7 ABC, WXYZ Detroit.

"When I came out of the bathroom there was a man standing there and he is physically punching my dog but she would not back down at all. She was lunging out. Her teeth were showing, she was growling, then she was barking but her front legs were always on him."
Powers noted that she had never seen her usual amiable, good-natured dog behave in that manner, according to the Dog News Examiner. But dogs can often sense when someone is in trouble and respond in a protective manner. Apparently, even though retrievers generally are thought to love everyone, Sadie's bond to her owner was strong, and she had to protect herself and Powers.

Powers later reviewed police photos and identified the home invader as John David Shook. Shook is a repeat offender. He had warrants out for his arrest in several communities. Daniel Grant, Wyandotte's police chief, noted that large or small dogs can serve as deterrents to crime, and stated the following, according to Channel 7 ABC, WXYZ Detroit.

"He uses heroin and other things. He's been around. We've had him for breaking and entering. He just got out of jail within the last couple weeks. He was in the county jail for quite some time."
Sadie's actions show that any dog can sense danger and be protective. Powers appreciates her heroic canine and stated the following according to Channel 7 ABC, WXYZ Detroit.
"I'm glad she was here. She literally saved the day, so we're pretty proud of her."
Dogs serve many purposes, and even stray dogs can come to the rescue when needed. A street dog in Thailand is also a true hero. Sadly, two other street dogs were fighting over a live meal -- an abandoned newborn baby who was left near a garbage bin. Mr. Noi Pongsakorn, who often fed a street dog named Nom Sod (meaning fresh milk), was on his way to buy his own dinner when he saw the other two dogs fighting over something. He thought they were clashing over a doll in the Muang district of the Chonburi providence. But in swept Nom Sod, seemingly out of thin air. She quickly picked up the bundle after growling at the two warring dogs, as if telling them to stay away. Pongsakorn then got the baby away from Nom Sod, who was rewarded with grilled chicken and a new collar, according to an article in the Inquisitr.

[Golden Retriever (not Sadie), Photo By Gary Gershoff/Getty Images]