New Apple MacBook Is Slim, Light, And The Most Stylish Computer Ever

The New Apple MacBook is an Apple computer slimmed down to its essential elements. Apple managed to stuff the power of a full fledged MacBook into a body reminiscent of a MacBook Air.

It’s been years since Apple released a MacBook. They’ve spent their time working on the higher end MacBook Pro line and the lighter, lower end MacBook Air. The MacBook was thought all but discontinued until Apple recently resurrected the line.

The Telegraph reports that Apple’s newest entry has a 12-inch retina display and weighs 2 pounds. It’s also barely over half an inch thick at its thickest point. Despite its diminutive frame, the keyboard has been redesigned to fit from end to end, and uses LEDs under each individual key, resulting in a wider, brighter keyboard for Apple. This doesn’t necessarily mean an easier keyboard, as there is less space for the key to travel between presses, due to the thinness of the overall design.

The trackpad has been enhanced for deeper interactivity. It uses the Force Touch technology introduced in the Apple Watch, and boasts the haptic feedback feature found on mobile phones. Force Touch allows the pressure of your touch to determine different trackpad functions.

This Apple Macbook has lower power consumption than previous models, meaning longer battery life and cooler performance. The battery is split into a terraced design within the body, resulting in a thinner MacBook. That doesn’t mean the 9-hour battery life is the best Apple has on offer among its mobile models. But for a MacBook, it doesn’t use much power and doesn’t produce much heat. There isn’t even an internal fan to weigh you down, since it doesn’t need a fan anymore.

But as Digital Trends reports, all this slimming down comes at a cost. The MacBook now contains only two ports. That’s one USB-C port of connectivity for all your charging, storage, and transfer needs, and another port to plug in your headphones. To do anything besides charge your MacBook with the included power cable, you’ll need to purchase an adapter to restore any connectivity that isn’t wireless.

Another blow to Apple users is a loss in performance. It comes with a choice of a 1.1 or 1.2 GHz Intel Core M. The Core M processor is an adequate processor for mobile computing, but for heavier application like video editing or audio mixing, you’ll find it easier to use the more powerful MacBook Pro.

In a small triumph of form over function, the Apple MacBook will come in three colors: silver, space gray, and gold. The Apple logo is now shiny and reflective, and the whole package is super stylish.

[Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]