Fatal Family Portrait: Mother-Of-Three Falls 150-Feet To Death While Posing For Photo On Cliff

Woman falls off cliff

A 48-year-old mother-of-three, Stephanie Stone Anderson, died in a tragic accident on Saturday while hiking with her family at Crowders Mountain State Park in North Carolina. Stephanie hiked with her husband and one of her daughters to the highest peak at the park, King’s Pinnacle, and was attempting to take a family photo at the overlook when she tripped and fell 150 feet to her death.

The Gaston Gazette reports that Stephanie Stone Anderson was hiking in Crowders Mountain State Park on Saturday with her husband and daughter when a tragic accident took place at the King’s Pinnacle overlook. Stephanie and her family had hiked to the tallest peak in the park, and were positioned at the overlook to take a family photo. Stephanie tragically tripped while posing for the picture and fell 150-feet off the cliff’s edge.

Gastonia Fire Department spokesman Chris Stowe says the whole incident is “tragic,” and that matters are made worse since the accident occurred while trying to take a family portrait.

“They were actually taking a family portrait at the time of the accident. It’s just tragic.”

Park Superintendent Larry Hyde notes that the trio had hiked the King’s Pinnacle trail together and made it all the way to the overlook, which is the highest peak in the park, at 1,705 feet. However, as the family was attempting to take a photo together, Stephanie slipped and fell over the edge of the cliff. Hyde says the woman fell approximately 150 feet, and that her husband and daughter attempted to reach the woman but were unable to make it to the body.

The family called 911 at around 1:30 p.m. to report the incident, but the heavily wooded area below the cliff made it difficult for first responders and emergency crew to find the missing woman. Stephanie’s body wasn’t retrieved until 5:30 p.m., four hours after the 911 call. Stephanie’s husband and daughter were also taken into the hospital for treatment, as they sustained numerous minor injuries while attempting to find the woman after the fall. Their injuries were described as sprained ankles, bumps, and cuts.

The park notes that Stephanie Anderson’s death was the first in the park this year, and that last year there were two reported deaths. In the cases last year, one man fell while picking up litter on the trail, and another died while rock climbing in the park. Though it was noted that Stephanie fell while attempting to take a family portrait, the park officials say the woman was not doing anything out of the ordinary when the accident occurred.

Sadly, this isn’t the first tragedy to take place on a cliff during what was supposed to be a happy moment. A woman died after her wedding proposal went terribly wrong. The woman fell off of a cliff while jumping for joy moments after the proposal in Ibiza.

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