WWE ‘Payback’ Recap And Results: Who Survived The Fatal 4-Way? Did The Rumored Heel Turns Happen?

There have been a ton of WWE rumors flying around in the weeks leading up to Payback, and some of them were for the Pay-Per-View itself. On Sunday night, the event took place with a number of titles on the line and some big happenings going down so check out the full recap and all the results.

R-Truth defeated Stardust in an unadvertised match that had the announcers absolutely verbally decimating Stardust while praising Cody Rhodes.

WWE payback kickoff tag match

In a rather short match, The Ascension actually got a shocking win over the Mega Powers 2.0 consisting of Macho Mandow and Curtis Axelmania.

Winners: The Ascension

wwe payback ziggler sheamus

This was a hell of an opener, and better than their match last month at Extreme Rules. Lots of near falls, and about a five-minute segment where Sheamus just destroyed Dolph Ziggler, but could never get the three-count. Eventually, Ziggler made a comeback only to bust his head open badly which led to a Brogue Kick and pin for Sheamus.

Winner: Sheamus

wwe payback tag titles

The Brass Ring Club dominated the first part of the match and finished things off with a few double-team moves. Cesaro got Kofi Kingston into a big swing while Tyson Kidd nailed him with a dropkick to take the first fall.

New Day got a lot more offense in during the second fall as they controlled Kidd on their side of the ring. A Big Ending from Big E combined with a flying leap from Kofi and the match was tied up.

Cesaro started fall three with tons of running European uppercuts and absolutely destroyed Kofi, but he couldn’t get the pin. Then, a springboard Demolition Decapitation, but Kofi still kicked out. Chaos broke out and it looked like the Brass Ring Club would take it, but Xavier Woods snuck in behind the ref and rolled up Cesaro for the pin.

Winners and Still Champs: The New Day

wwe payback wyatt ryback

There wasn’t a whole lot to this match as there really hasn’t been a whole lot to the feud. Ryback showed his power while Bray Wyatt manipulated him, and eventually pushed him into an exposed turnbuckle and then hit Sister Abigail for the pin.

No sign of a reunited Wyatt Family.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

wwe payback u.s. title

This was a rather long, but good match between the two even though they’ve had a lot of them over the past three months. Rusev and John Cena both showed their feats of power, but this match was more about storyline than anything.

A cool spot came when Cena backdropped Rusev into the pyro board and made it go off mid-match. Rusev made Cena pass out in the Accolade, but he had to revive him to make him quit. Eventually, Cena applied the STFU as Rusev tried to break it, but Lana quit on his behalf which almost cements the face turn.

Winner and Still Champion: John Cena

wwe payback barrett neville

Their match last month was better, but it was still good overall. King Barrett used his power to take control, but Neville’s agility kept getting the better of him. Barrett was outside the ring and Neville hit a flying corkscrew onto him, and Barrett walked away to be counted out.

As Neville turned around to celebrate, Barrett ran back in and hit the Bullhammer before slamming him into the steps outside. King Barrett brought him in the ring and attempted to hit him with the scepter, but he ducked, hit a German suplex, and then the Red Arrow.

Winner: Neville

Rusev was screaming at Lana backstage as she just sat and sulked. He started throwing things and kicked her out which causes a perturbed look from Lana.

wwe payback divas tag

Tamina and Naomi started out in control, but the Bellas eventually got the upper-hand. The power of Naomi and Tamina was just too much, though. Tamina whipped Brie into the barricade which caused Nikki to be distracted. Naomi slammed her and pinned her.

Winners: Naomi and Tamina

wwe payback wwe title fatal fourway

This match was all over the place, but it was really good. All four men put every single thing they had into it, and of course, Kane got involved on a number of occasions. At one point, The Shield did reunite and hit a triple powerbomb on Randy Orton through a table. It was an awesome spot which then saw Seth Rollins attacked by Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.

Kane got really involved at the end as he hit Reigns with the steel steps and chokeslamed him on them. Orton popped up and hit Kane and then one for each member of J&J Security too. He then hit Rollins with a powerslam. Kane was in and got hit with an RKO, but then Orton turned into a Pedigree from Rollins for the pin.

Winner and Still Champ: Seth Rollins

After the match, Triple H came down, smiled at Rollins and helped him to the back.

Now, there isn’t a long time to wait until the next big event after Elimination Chamber was brought back and will happen in just two weeks. With four matches already set for the card, it’s time to learn who will be in them with the results of Payback in the books.

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