Corporal Punishment: Teacher Breaks Up Fight By Whipping Students With Belt [Video]

Shocking video footage shows American students brawling in the middle of a classroom floor. A male teacher can be seen ripping off his belt and whipping the students as they fight on the floor below. The brawl quickly comes to an end, with students scattering across the room as they attempt to flee the angry teacher.

Cell phone video of a fight in an unnamed American school was uploaded to LiveLeak on Friday night. In the video, you see a group of male students fighting in the floor of a classroom. A male teacher can be seen approaching the boys with a belt in hand. The teacher then begins to whip the fighting boys with the belt until they disperse. Some of the students can be heard laughing in the background as the boys are hit with the belt. However, others appear terrified as they flee the corporal punishment.

The Washington Post notes that corporal punishment, such as whipping a student with a belt, is banned in 31 states. However, 19 states still allow teachers and administrators the power to punish a child for disruptive behavior with corporal punishment. How far a teacher is legally allowed to go with the corporal punishment varies by state.

The video does not note which school the belt beating incident took place. However, some have pointed out that the school may be a private, religious, or military academy, as the students are wearing uniforms.

What do you think of the teacher’s actions? Was he justified in using corporal punishment on the brawling students, or did he go too far by using a belt?

[Image via LiveLeak]