Boy Stuck Under Bus: Disturbing Footage Captures Moments After Boy Is Hit By Bus [Video]

On Sunday, May 17, footage of a horrific accident was uploaded online. According to, a young boy was hit by what appears to be a city bus. But, unfortunately that’s not all. As a matter of fact, the shared video doesn’t even show the accident itself. It shows the disturbing aftermath.

The graphic one-minute clip begins with a display of the bus. Agonizing screams can be heard in the background, but it doesn’t take long to figure out why bystanders are so distraught. As the cameraman moves closer to the red bus, a hysterically distraught boy comes into view and his excruciating pain is evident.

The young boy stuck under the bus is heard screaming as one woman attempts to pull him out. She tries her absolute best as a group of bystanders gather in wake of all the commotion, but to no avail. As the cameraman continues to move through the crowd, he captures the boy’s injuries from another angle. His bloodied leg can be seen dangling along the side of the bus. But, unfortunately, he’s unable to move any further.

More people move in closer to help pull him out, but it appears everyone’s efforts are in vain. Unfortunately, the cringe-worthy video ends with no resolution, because he still hadn’t been moved by the time the camera shut off.

The disturbing footage, uploaded just hours ago, has caught the attention hundreds via social media as it continues to circulate online. While many viewers judged the video as a form of entertainment, others voiced their concerns about the lack of assistance from male bystanders in the crowd. Based on the footage, only females attempted to help the injured boy.

No further details have been released about the boy’s condition.

[Image via Screen Capture]