Police Find Child Pornography Studio Filled With Stuffed Animals, Condoms Hidden Behind False Wall

Police find child pornography studio while on drug raid

Detroit police discovered a secret child pornography studio hidden behind a false wall during a raid for guns and drugs. Police received a tip that a Detroit father-and-son duo were peddling prescription drugs and guns. While searching the home, police found hidden bedrooms decorated specifically for children. The rooms contained piles of stuffed animals along with condoms, children’s underwear, adult lingerie, sex toys, restraints, and even a leash. The home was being monitored with an extensive closed-circuit camera system, which could be viewed on multiple screens in a semi-hidden room under the stairs. Police found nude images of two young girls, ages 7 and 10, from the neighborhood along with an extensive collection of child pornography videos and photos.

Click Detroit reports that 59-year-old Charles Miller and his son, Arthur, have been arrested for child pornography charges. Charles was charged with manufacturing and possessing child pornography, and is facing 50 years behind bars. His son, Arthur, was charged with receiving and possessing child pornography and is facing 10 years. Police were initially searching the Miller home after they were informed of illegal prescription drug sales. However, upon raiding the home, a more sinister plot was revealed.

Police found a series of false walls and an extensive closed circuit camera system in the home. Behind one of the false walls was a room specifically designed for little girls. The room was painted purple and green, and was filled with a variety of stuffed animals. However, it was immediately clear that was not a typical child’s room, as the room was constantly being filmed and boxes of condoms, sex toys, and lingerie were present. Police found a variety of sex toys, a mask, restraints, and a leash in the room.

According to the Daily Mail, police called the home “Addams Family-type stuff,” and noted the department had never seen anything like it. Inside the home, boxes of child pornography were found, including over 2,000 images and videos. Along with the items, police found nude images of two young girls from the neighborhood. The girls were just 7 and 10 years old and could be seen posing without clothing for Miller. When the girls were interviewed by police, they noted that Miller would coach them on how to pose for the camera.

The home had been listed on Zillow for sale and bragged that the home could be “straight out of a mystery novel.” The listing notes that the “unique home” is full of false walls and even has a pop-out mirror.

“Come check out this unique home that includes a false wall and pop out mirror that will make you feel like you just came out of a mystery novel.”

The home is no longer listed for sale.

[Image Credit: U.S. Attorney General]