Meghan Trainor Eats Broccoli To Stay Healthy

In a recent interview, Meghan Trainor explained that she owes her health to eating broccoli. The “All About That Bass” singer feels that the demanding schedule of being a touring musician calls for healthier choices.

“I wasn’t eating the best and not sleeping – so I started eating chicken and broccoli to clear my lungs, and I don’t get sick anymore.”

She told Top of the Pops Magazine that she used to get sick often as a result of not taking better care of her health. This is no surprise, considering the singer’s work ethic can be summed up by Meghan’s Instagram profile.

“Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself.”

Her hectic schedule is certainly part of her success story. A hardworking songwriter who is now an overnight pop star, Trainor feels as follows.

“No one knows how hard we work. There’s not a day off! I remember talking to Jessie J and she said she’d only had one day off in the last four months. I was like, ‘What?’ She was like, ‘Yeah, but that’s how we get to No. 1.’ “

She believes that the quick fame led to some unhealthy habits. These days, she sees the value in eating well and keeping her energy up to ensure her health and professional commitments are balanced.

The 21-year old singer is famous for her upbeat music and healthy body image message. Her songs are fun and cheeky, with a generally positive message about feeling empowered as a girl.

The Inquisitr recently covered a story about Meghan’s meet and greet with a little girl named Isabella Harvey, who battles leukemia and is a huge fan. The artist makes time for her big concerts, events, and fans, but she’s also self-aware enough to eat right as part of her busy lifestyle.

[Photo courtesy of Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Music Biz Awards]