U2’s The Edge Gets Too Close To The Edge, Mocks His Own Fall At Second Show

U2’s the Edge got a little too close to the edge — of the stage, that is, during opening night of the Innocence + Experience tour at Vancouver’s Rogers Arena. The 53-year-old Edge’s fall took place during the band’s performance of “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” at the close of the concert, and security guards quickly helped him back up on stage while the band continued the song.

News of the fall spread quickly, and afterward, the Edge, or David Evans, posted on Instagram that he was okay, writing, “Didn’t see the edge, I’m ok!! #U2ieTour.”

The Edge falls Instagram

U2’s second consecutive show at the same Vancouver venue changed things up, perhaps most importantly without a fall from the Edge this time. Instead of ending with “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” the song they performed during which the Edge got too close to the edge of the stage and fell, they ended with “One.” Due to Bono’s own injuries from his bicycle accident last fall in New York City, which required two surgeries, he wasn’t able to play the guitar for the song as he usually does.

During the second show, lead singer Bono himself joined in, cracking gentle jokes about the Edge’s fall off stage, saying, “Somebody said that the Edge had downloaded himself into the audience without asking permission. I thought that was great.”

On a more serious note, U2 honored the late B.B. King at their second show. During the 1980s, the band toured with the blues legend and became close friends with him. Before performing “When Love Comes To Town,” Bono said, “For this is the day that the world got to say goodbye to the great B.B. King. That is a special occasion indeed.” The last time U2 performed the song was over two decades ago.

This time in Vancouver, the Edge didn’t get too close to the edge and remained on stage. U2 is well-known for their camaraderie, and this was evident at the end of the concert, when Bono placed his arm around the Edge after the band’s final bow.

“I think we should walk with the Edge,” Bono said, and the two exited the stage with Bono’s arm still slung over the Edge’s shoulder.

Hopefully for the remainder of U2’s Innocence + Experience tour, the Edge won’t get too close to the edge again.

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]