Lana Del Rey, David Lynch, And ‘Neon Dream’ Hopes: Will There Be More Connections?

Lana Del Rey and David Lynch are on full blast in the media in May for reasons that are not related to each other — this time. However, could we start seeing more of David Lynch and Lana Del Rey working on a project in the near future?

Currently, Lana Del Rey is dealing with fallout from her canceled Dallas concert, but on May 8, just one day after starting her Endless Summer tour, rumors started to appear that she was working on a film — in addition to a video for “Music to Watch Boys To.”

Could David Lynch be working on Lana Del Rey’s film project? There is evidence from their past to suggest that either David Lynch or Lana Del Rey could cross paths in countless ways over the next year — but especially two.

A likely candidate for David Lynch and Lana Del Rey to work together in 2015 is Lana Del Rey’s short film idea or the recently re-re-started Twin Peaks continuation. The rumors for Neon Dream started when @DelReyLatest dropped the news on May 8 on Twitter that Lana Del Rey had a new entry on IMDb.

About Lana Del Rey’s Neon Dream, the IMDb says it is a project still in development. The synopsis for Neon Dream states “With Lana Del Rey, Tuesday Knight, Leslie Browne, Alex Hafner.”

Lana’s Daily fan blog fills in more gaps about Neon Dream and states, “Lana Del Rey is going to star as Olivia along Tuesday Knight, Leslie Browne and Alex Hafner. The site also states that [the] director as well as writer is [23-year-old] Joey Gentile.”

Lana’s Daily also states about Neon Dream, “Kyle is your all-American guy, good grades, steady job, good relationship with friends and his single-mother, but when a new girl appears in his town he begins a downward spiral into the world of hardcore drugs, lust, obsession and violence.”

The real unanswered question about Neon Dream is whether David Lynch will be joining the project with Lana Del Rey. IMDb shows no other entries for Joey Gentile other than being a part of Lana Del Rey’s Neon Dream project. Could Gentile use the help of an older, experienced director and writer such as David Lynch?

However, some non-fans of Lana Del Rey are tired of her work being tied to David Lynch — and would not like to see more projects between the two in the future.

In July 2013, about a year after Lana Del Rey and David Lynch worked on an H&M commercial together, FlavorWire published an article about Lynch and stated the following.

“[I]t’s curious how remarkably popular David Lynch’s work is in 2013. Barely a day goes by without another new musician or artist describing themselves as ‘inspired by David Lynch.'”

The FlavorWire article goes on to say about Lana Del Rey and David Lynch, “It’s pretty easy to create something with an identifiably Lynchian aesthetic — take the dreaded Lana Del Rey, for instance, who [Tim] Jonze identified in his [The Guardian U.K.] piece as the most prominent example of a Lynchian influence leaching into mainstream culture.”

FlavorWire continues with, “[David Lynch] cites the video for ‘Video Games,’ in particular, and its imagery of ‘drunken, stumbling starlets that, like [David Lynch’s] Mulholland Drive, alluded to the dark side of the Hollywood dream.'”

Despite this, it appears that Lana Del Rey fans are the ones that attribute her work to being inspired by David Lynch — and not necessarily the other way around.

When reviewing her album Paradise, one Lana Del Rey fan on Amazon with over 170 reviewer votes defines Lynch’s influence on Lana’s work to the point of creating a genre definition. They state the following.

“Del Rey’s music neither soothes nor satiates, but it captivates. One reviewer nailed it: ‘These are the disturbing movies that you watch because of the intensity behind the storytelling.’ That’s why I think the most accurate description of this music is ‘Lynchian,’ as in the filmmaker David Lynch.”

The review continues with, “On this EP she performs a deadened rendition of a song from his movie Blue Velvet. In the hands of Del Rey, it’s even more Lynchian: twisted and disturbing, the drugged sexuality of a mannequin come halfway to life. Del Rey, like Lynch, is ‘the perfect mirror of our time’ and ‘the artist we deserved.’ She neither soothes nor satiates, but she certainly warrants our attention.”

Furthermore, David Lynch has already stated in the past that he returns adoration for Lana Del Rey — tremendously. A Blouin Art Info interview with David Lynch that broke the news about Lana Del Rey and her new H&M contract in mid-July 2012 stated, “When David Lynch was talking last month about the bottle he designed for Dom Perignon, a journalist asked about musicians who have developed personal styles directly influenced by his films — specifically Lana Del Rey.”

When he spoke of Lana Del Rey, David Lynch said, “Lana Del Rey, she’s got some fantastic charisma and — this is a very interesting thing — it’s like she’s born out of another time. She’s got something that’s very appealing to people. And I didn’t know that she was influenced by me!”

Whether or not David Lynch knew much about Lana Del Rey in the summer of 2012 — he would definitely learn more about her in the next months. For the rest of the summer, David Lynch worked with Lana Del Rey on the “Blue Velvet” H&M project that was released in September, 2012.

Apparently, working with David Lynch in 2012 was less of a chance encounter with a another celebrity for Lana Del Rey — and more like meeting an artistic spiritual guide that exists in your mind as a hero.

When asked about David Lynch in October, 2011, at the beginning of her pop star debut, Lana Del Rey said to The Quietus, “When I was a kid playing in bars in Lake Placid, after every show somebody would come up to me and be like ‘You must be a David Lynch fan!’. At the time I wasn’t up on ‘all things cool’, but I looked into Lynch and quickly became a fan. Although I think the themes he explores are a step further into the extreme than I’m prepared to go.”

Although Neon Dream may seem like a regular film about a regular guy named Kyle, if David Lynch becomes involved in Lana Del Rey’s film, it might go “a step further into the extreme” than Lana Del Rey is prepared to go. But would fans of Lana Del Rey and David Lynch care?

While the jury is still out about whether Lana Del Rey and David Lynch should work together on future projects like Neon Dream — there is one major supporter.

On April 29, Leza Cantoral published articles at Queen Mob and Luna Luna Magazine discussing several possible videos that Lana Del Rey and David Lynch should create together. When discussing their story ideas for Lana Del Rey and David Lynch, Cantoral said, “This is the place David Lynch and Lana Del Rey create their art; the crossroads where Wishful Fantasy meets Gritty Reality.”

The Welcome to Twin Peaks fan blog also has supporters of Lana Del Rey and David Lynch working together in the future — but not on Neon Dream. One fan states about the 2015 Twin Peaks continuation in a forum, “David should get Lana Del Rey to not only sing, but be the star of the new episodes. An obvious perfect fit.”

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