April Love Geary Lets Her Puppy Get Into Her Weed, So How Will She Take Care Of Robin’s Son Julian?

April Love Geary’s new puppy, Bincy, ate some marijuana and got super sick. Robin Thicke and his 20-year-old girlfriend April found Bincy at the L.A. dog rescue Barns N’ Bitches, paid the $350 fee, and took her home to love. But April didn’t expect the pup to have a taste for weed, and she didn’t notice when Bincy got into her stash.

April rushed her puppy love to the vet, and had a tense overnight of waiting and wondering if Bincy would make it. Early the next morning Geary heard the good news of a full recovery, and posted on Instagram, calling Bincy an angel without wings.

April Love Geary Bincy Instagram

According to the Pet Poison Helpline, pot is bad for dogs and there’s a long list of things that can go wrong, like “severe depression, walking as if drunk, lethargy, coma, low heart rate, low blood pressure, respiratory depression, dilated pupils, hyperactivity, vocalization and seizures.” Yuck!

So, now that April’s little love made it through, and she knows about Bincy’s love for the green stuff, she’ll keep puppy safe, right?

Oh, oh. Bad news. April does love Bincy, but guess where they were three days after the pot eating episode? TMZ reported that April and puppy were back at the vet’s again!

“This time April insisted it was more of a contact high, but when friends started ragging on her she tweeted, “IT’S NOT ME!!! Some falls on the ground or she sits by him smoking and just inhales it hahaha.”

Maybe April should get Robin to stop smoking weed around the puppy. That would be good practice for when he has his son Julian around.

April Love Geary's Dog Bincy

It sure looks like Geary isn’t quite up to mommying her puppy yet. Speaking of Julian, Robin Thicke has already introduced April to his five-year-old son while the three of them were enjoying a holiday in St Barts. Photos show April Love Geary holding Julian as they splash around in the waves and there aren’t a lot of smiles from either of them. April looks more comfortable in the selfie she posted during the same holiday.

April Love Geary holds Julian and takes selfie

We have to hope April will build up some mommying skills with puppy Bincy. Good news is, there was an update on Geary’s second vet visit. Turns out that Bincy ate garlic, not weed, the second time. There are no reports on how Bincy got into the garlic.

[Image via DailyMail and Metro]