Teen Dies From Massive Heart Attack After Taking Bad Quality Ecstasy

For youngsters who take illegal drugs for recreational purposes, the potential risks are a given, even though they often decide to throw caution to the wind and take them anyway.

However, in a tragic case which happened in Dublin, Ireland, on Saturday night, 18-year-old Ana Hick died from a massive heart attack after taking poorly mixed and cheap ecstasy tablets that her friends had purchased for their night out.

Ana fell ill outside the Twisted Pepper nightclub in the city, and when paramedics arrived, they found that the teen had suffered a cardiac arrest due to the drugs.

Even though she was taken to hospital for treatment, Ana tragically died on Sunday.

The pills in question were not made of MDMA but rather of PMMA, a cheaper, inferior form of Ecstasy which had flooded Ireland and the UK in recent months.

As well as containing a bunch of methamphetamine, the tablets are full of toxic chemicals which proved fatal for poor Ana.

Many of Ana’s friends took to Facebook pay tribute to her, posting that Ana was the “kindest, funniest person you could meet. She’s the friendliest, chattiest girl going.”

“She is so good to people and so talented and beautiful. Everyone loved her. I can’t believe this has happened. My heart goes out to her parents and her family. They must be going through absolute hell.”

A close friend of Ana, Conor Watters, said to reporters following her untimely death, “I’m so incredibly lucky to have had the pleasure of knowing such a determined, ambitious, fun loving girl! From the first time we met at Star Wars auditions (waiting 6 hours in the cold and rain) where we had the best craic i knew you were special! We promised each other we would look out for one another no matter where we ended up in our career! Rest In Peace movie star, you’re truly amazing.”

[Image credit: rehabreviews.com]