Six-Month-Old Finds Large Dead Moth In Pot Of Custard

When it comes to buying pre-packaged produce from supermarkets, consumers trust that the food they are buying is fresh, in date, and bug-free.

However, occasionally even the largest, most well-known food factories make a mistake, and that’s just what happened to 6-month-old Ellis Taylor from Staffordshire in the UK when he found a large dead moth in a pot of Ambrosia custard.

Ellis’ mother, 28-year-old Kirstie Taylor, told reporters that she spooned out the moth, which was around an inch long. Fortunately, she did not feed it by mistake to her son.

“I was giving Ellis his dessert when I spooned up a dollop of custard and saw something grey sticking out. When I saw it, I felt sick. I thought I was looking at a mouse’s ear or something mouldy,” she said.

Upon further investigation of the foreign object in the Ambrosia Custard Mini, which came as part of a six-pack, Mrs. Taylor took it to the sink.

She explained, “We put it under a tap to get all the stuff off it. Now I’m sure it’s the chrysalis of a moth or butterfly. Ellis had a lucky escape. I mean, you eat from the top to the bottom, so it would be easy not to notice the thing.”

Speaking about her utter disgust at finding the moth, Taylor continued, “I’m horrified that insects can find their way into food, especially desserts that kids have. Accidents happen but there should be far better checks. This must have happened at the packaging stage.”

Ellis’ mom decided to take action and returned to the market where she purchased the custard pots in the first place.

“I took the pot back to Sainsbury’s and they were very good and told me to take it up with Ambrosia so I called them. Premier Foods who make Ambrosia sent a courier round to collect the pot from my home within an hour of the call. I took some pictures of it too and sent them to the company. I haven’t heard anything back yet but I certainly won’t be buying them again.”

By way of response, a spokesman for Premier Foods said, “As soon as we became aware of Mrs Taylor’s complaint this morning, we called her to apologise for her unfortunate experience and arrange for a courier to collect the product so that we can investigate. In line with our procedures, the product will be sent to an accredited laboratory for testing and we will share the results with Mrs Taylor.”

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