Dominique Sharpton On Instagram: 'I Sprained My Ankle Real Bad LOL' -- Al Sharpton's Daughter Sues NYC For $5 Million

The Instagram and Twitter accounts of Dominique Sharpton -- daughter of the famous Al Sharpton -- are certainly gaining attention on Sunday. That's because Dominique is suing New York for a whopping $5 million after claiming that she sprained her ankle, reports the Daily Mail. As reported by the Inquisitr, Rev. Sharpton was worrisomely thin at 129 pounds and five feet, 10 inches tall.

Dominique is Sharpton's oldest daughter, and the fact that she is suing New York City for $5 million isn't sitting well with the Interwebs. The 29-year-old Sharpton claims she was "severely injured, bruised and wounded" after falling over a crooked piece of concrete. The court records for the lawsuit show that Dominique wants New York taxpayers to foot the bill for her injuries, $5 million worth.

According to the New York Post, Dominique posted news about her sprained ankle to Instagram on October 2. Sharpton was shown wearing a walking boot after her fall.

"I sprained my ankle real bad lol."

The news site claims that Dominique was okay for the NAN Justice for All march in Washington, DC, that following December.

The Instagram account, titled MsSharpton2U is private. Only Instagram users who have already been approved to follow Dominique can view her posts and uploaded IG images, or those who are able to view some of them via her Twitter links to Instagram. The Twitter account, also called MsSharpton2U, links to various Instagram posts, like one posted 19 hours ago that shows Dominique after a successful hike.

"We hiked UP the mountain, over the clouds... into the SUNRISE... One of the most beautiful sites ever. And YES I ALMOST DIED GETTING UP THERE LOL #Balidays we made it, WHEW"

The fact that Sharpton is claiming she endured "internal and external injuries to the whole body, lower and upper limbs the full extent of which are unknown, permanent pain and mental anguish" isn't being met with much sympathy online on Sunday.

The $5 million payment would make up for Dominique's "loss of quality of life, future pain," and other ailments, reads the court filing. Certain photos have been deleted from Sharpton's Instagram account, such as the one that used to reside at the

URL, which was posted on November 3, 2014. Only one month after her injury, the Instagram photo could've provided photographic proof as to the extent of her injuries.

"In Asbury Park, Nj with @nationalaction chapter here encouraging people to Get out the Vote tomorrow."

[Image via Instagram]